Vader's Little Princess Star Wars Competition

AKA, the “Cute Star Wars Kids Win Prizes” Compo

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Today – quite fittingly (May the Fourth be with you) – sees the publication of a Star Wars sequel with a difference. Vader’s Little Princess is the follow-up to the bestselling Darth Vader & Son by Jeffrey Brown, and once again the Sith Lord’s parenting skills are put to the test.

Jeffrey Brown’s cartoons are both cute and wickedly funny, buy we don’t need to tell you that. The images here speak for themselves.

To celebrate the publication of the book, we have a very special competition for you. First prize will be an original signed sketch by Jeffrey Brown, signed copies of Darth Vader And Son and Vader’s Little Princess , a poster, a Darth Vader And Son journal and Darth Vader And Son postcard set.

Five runners-up will win signed copies of Vader’s Little Princess .

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And all you have to do is send us pictures of your kids (or of yourself if you are a kid* or somebody else’s kids if you get the parents permission**) dressed up as Star Wars characters.

(* We don’t mean grown up kids – if you’re shaving or wearing a bra you’re probably too old)

(** Probably best to get the child’s permission too, and give them a share of the prize)

We’ll be posting a gallery of the best entries here on this site when we announce the winners.

To submit your entry (electronically only please) click here…

Star Wars © Lucasfilm LTD 2013

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