Uwe Boll goes improv?

Hang on a second… Dr Uwe Boll’s planning a film about the Darfur massacre? Given the sensitivity with which he handled 9/11 in Postal (a hint: none at all), we’re either terrified or fascinated by this idea.

Still, blabbing to MTV , Boll talked up his planned Darfur project, Janjaweed, which will follow the despicable acts of the titular armed mercenaries who are still pursuing their genocidal campaign.

Boll’s plan, apparently, is to hire actors comfortable with improv, which will mean the script will simply be an outline for them to flesh out. FilmStew tracked him down to spill more details about the film itself , including the fact that he’ll return to South Africa, the location for his recent shoot Tunnel Rats, as he enjoyed filming there.