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"Why do we have to wait ‘til January?!" – The best reactions to the Star Trek Discovery mid-season finale are here

Star Trek Discovery is fast becoming the show that you’ll wish you got on board with sooner. The mid-season finale has aired and – if these Twitter reactions are anything to go by, at least – you’re going to want to fire up CBS Access/Netflix and boldly binge the first half of the season before January (if you haven’t already). Spoilers for Star Trek Discovery to follow…

Oh boy, where to begin? There were climactic showdowns, historic Trek moments, and, maybe, just maybe, the re-appearance of the Mirror Universe.

The perfect mid-season finale: SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

While January isn’t too far away, try telling that to the fans of the show who are feverishly trying to work out what the hell happened. Still, the show delivered the goods and left everyone wanting more.

Michael vs. Kol

We finally got to see the two go head-to head – and it didn’t disappoint. There was even a neat, symbolic moment right at the very end of the clash, in case you missed it.

Praise: ENGAGE

So, yeah… everyone loves this show. It’s smart, funny – and has plenty of heart. But is it, as some say, the best Star Trek TV show ever? You can be the judge of that…

More reflections (because of mirrors, geddit?!)

The big cliffhanger involved the crew lost in space, cast adrift, and heading to parts unknown. Is it the Mirror Universe – of goatee Spock fame – or somewhere else entirely? Bad news: no one really knows. Good news: we’ve only got two months to wait to find out.

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