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What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Raticate (#20)

Gourmet ratatouille cooked to perfection with actual bits of rat inside. Also the plague.

Spearow (#21)

Not like chicken, though. It has like... a weird, sweet kinda thing. It's not like chicken, but it's hard to describe.

Fearow (#22)

No, like, you totally have to try it though. It's sweeter than chicken, not like chicken at all. You totally have to try it.

Ekans (#23)


Arbok (#24)

Grape poison.

Pikachu (#25)

Putting a battery on the tip of your tongue. An adorable battery!

But yeah, it gives you a shock, even after it's dead, skinned, and cooked.

Raichu (#26)

Shoving your wet, dripping tongue into a wall socket.

Sandshrew (#27)

"Sort of like other moles, but living in sand for its whole life gives the meat a strange, tough texture. Also the waiter took 30 minutes to get our refills."

3/5 Stars.

Sandslash (#28)

"Surprisingly cinnamon-y, though with a nice, meaty taste anyway. The waiter also gave us a free dessert because our meals took so long - AND HE WAS HANDSOME!"

4/5 Stars.

Nidoran (#29)

Nidoran tastes like sugar and spice and everything nice.