What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Voltorb (#100)

Peppermint candy.

Electrode (#101)

It would have a light flavor, sort of like a jawbreaker, except unlike a jawbreaker, there's a good chance that if you bite down too hard it will literally explode and rip your jaw off your face.

Exeggute (#102)

Rotten eggs. We mean, that's... what they are, right?

Exeggutor (#103)

Only Exeggutor's face would be edible, and it would taste somewhat coconuty.

Cubone (#104)

Soft, tender dinosaur meat marinated in cold, salty tears and served in a skull. Better for appetizers.

Marowak (#105)

Similar to Cubone, but less of a wuss.

Hitmonlee (#106)

Chopped liver.

Hitmonchan (#107)

Pork chops.

Lickitung (#108)

Cow tongue.

Koffing (#109)


Kids, let's have a talk. We know that movies and television shows make eating Koffing look "hip" and "cool," but it's not. The Surgeon General warns that there's a direct correlation between eating Koffing and contracting lung disorders such as cancer, emphysema, and other respiratory problems.

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