What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Wigglytuff (#40)

Marshmallow peeps.

Zubat (#41)

Zubat is nearly meatless, though his breast meat would be fairly tough like turkey jerky.

Golbat (#42)

Golbat doesn't have much more meat than Zubat, but it's got an even distribution - making the meat even tougher, sort of like shoe leather.

Oddish (#43)

Once cooked properly (to make it stop screaming), Oddish would taste like a regular radish, but with some minor hallucinogenic properties.

Gloom (#44)

Still a little radishy, but the drool makes it much more moist.

Vileplume (#45)

As the name suggests, Vileplume would be... vile.

Paras (#46)

Coconut crab is like the blowfish of the Pokemon world. Some parts of them would be healthy and delicious, while others (like where the mushrooms touch) would be highly dangerous.

Parasect (#47)

While Paras has some edible parts, we think that Parasect would be completely toxic. His eyes have gone white, and he simply looks... infected. There's no edible part of this crab-like creature - he's essentially a giant poisonous mushroom with giant poisonous crab legs.

Venonat (#48)

Its eyes would be squishy like a gusher, but its body would taste like a sweet Koosh ball.

Venomoth (#49)

Fun Dip powder.

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