What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Weezing (#110)

Remember that one time where you went to take a sip of the Coke your mom left on the table outside only to find out that she had been ashing her cigarette into it for the past hour? Yeah. Weezing tastes like that.

Rhyhorn (#111)

Their thick, rocky exterior tenderizes their flesh, leading to a soft meat.

Rhydon (#112)

A less tender version of Rhyhorn's tasty, soft meat, toughened up by the lack of tenderization.

Chancey (#113)

The egg in that pouch would taste like an ostrich egg (which tastes like a chicken egg), and Chancey's actual meat would be somewhat bacon-like in flavor. Chancey is breakfast.

Tangela (#114)

Spaghetti cooked in fish oil.

Kangaskhan (#115)

The adult tastes somewhat steaky, but the baby is more akin to veal - not moving much has made it super tender.

Horsea (#116)

By themselves they're not that filling, but fried, cut up, and tossed together, Horsea would essentially be calamari.

Seadra (#117)

Since they're a little bigger than Horseas, you could try cooking them in a different way - but we're sticking with deep fried. They have more meat, though, so it'd end up tasting just like a corn dog.

Goldeen (#118)

Like a goldfish. What, you've never eaten a goldfish before?

Seaking (#119)

Same as Goldeen, but the larger size makes it better for a big meal. Get a few friends over, throw a few Seaking on the grill, and you can have yourself a good old time.

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