What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Shellder (#90)

Clam, except a clam that judges you as you pry open its shell and scoop out its salty innards.

Cloyster (#91)

All the taste of the oyster with all of the awkwardness of a lobster's cold, dead eyes staring at you while you try to eat it.

Ghastly (#92)

Black licorice.

Haunter (#93)


Gengar (#94)

Absinthe, but unlike regular absinthe it's impossible to sweeten or water down. Pour it through sugar cubes all you want - it's still going to be the most bitter thing ever.

Onix (#95)

Rocks. Literally rocks - there's no meat in this guy.

Drowzee (#96)

Chocolate-covered banana. Seriously, you guys, Drowzee taste SO GOOD.

Hypno (#97)

Also fairly delicious, Hypno would have a banana taste topped with some whipped cream. It even comes with its own doughnut!

Krabby (#98)

Crab. Just... regular crab.

Kingler (#99)

King crab.

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