What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Weepinbell (#70)

A fresh pear with a minor leafy flavor.

Victreebel (#71)

In Kanto, pear bites you! Seriously. If you try to eat it it'll bite you. Unless you kill it first, in which case it would just sorta taste like a regular pear.

Tentacool (#72)

Blue raspberry Jell-O

Tentacruel (#73)

Untouched blue raspberry Jell-O that sat under a heat lamp at a Chinese buffet for a few days.

Geodude (#74)

Rock salt.

Graveler (#75)

Rock candy.

Golem (#76)

Oysters Rockefeller.

Ponyta (#77)

Beefy, but with a distinct friendshippy magic taste.

Rapidash (#78)

Beefy, but with a stringier texture. Also after you kill one you can just walk away for an hour or so and return to a perfectly-cooked Rapidash. Talk about convenient!

Slowpoke (#79)

Slowpoke would taste like pork, though we imagine that the tail would be the most delicious part because...

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