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Valheim car mod lets you drive your way across the 10th realm

Valheim car mod
(Image credit: Valheim modder DropOff)

The Valheim car mod is exactly what it sounds like, but also so much more: four wheels more, to be precise.

The Drivable Vehicle Mod, as created by modder DropOff and spotted by our pals at GR sister site PC Gamer, lets you instantly spawn a vehicle into your game by pressing T - no resources or crafting tools needed. Once it drops into the world, and after you catch up to the car if it spawned on an incline, you can aim at the driver's side door and press the E button to climb behind the wheel. The passenger seat is also accessible, and DropOff says the mod works fine in multiplayer so you can go joyriding with friends.

Strictly speaking, the term "car" may not be an entirely accurate descriptor, because this Drivable Vehicle has eight wheels arrayed underneath it in a sort of extended arachno-suspension. Can something still be a car with eight wheels? I don't know, and I don't want to play automotive gatekeeper. In any case, PC Gamer's Chris Livingston reports some odd controls and very loose steering from his time with the mod, so you may want to do a few practice laps around the meadows before you load up for a cross-Valheim roadtrip. In any case, it's faster than walking.

We are truly entering the automotive age of Vikings, as a Valheim player has built their own car bed.

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