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Uncharted 4 collectibles guide

15. The Thieves of Libertalia

1 Treasure, 1 Journal Entry, 3 Journal Notes, 2 Optional Conversations

Note: Make sure you've got all the other collectibles before triggering the second optional conversation, or you'll lock them out and need to restart the chapter. Some players have reported the Journal Notes appearing in different locations, so if you don't find them in the locations below then continue searching the drawers and chests until you have all three.

Emerald Flask

Go around the first shelves to the left, then check under the fallen unit.

Journal Entry

Head to the middle of the area and examine the statue head on the floor.

Optional Conversation

Inspect the guard skewered on pikes at the far end, then turn around and talk to Sam.

Journal Note

Look in the drawer in the centre shelves, near the statue head.

Journal Note

Check inside the cupboard in the far right shelves from where you entered.

Journal Note

Now look in the nearby chest, which is also on the far right from where you entered.

Optional Conversation

Once you have all the other collectibles, wait for Sam to call you over then talk to him to trigger a cutscene.

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