All Uncharted 4 Treasure locations and every journal collectible

8. The Grave of Henry Avery

11 Treasures, 2 Journal Entries, 1 Journal Note, 2 Optional Conversations

Redware and Silver Jug Flask

At the start of the chapter, follow the top of the ridge to the left and go around the rock to find this treasure up a slope.

Bronze Boar

Now follow the cliffs on the right to the bottom and enter the cave.

Carved Wood Kashkul

After taking out the first set of guards and moving on to the next Shoreline area, follow the right hand side to the cliff edge and check behind the blue tarp covered boxes.

Carved Nut Bottle

Once you've blown up the door and wheeled the crate over to climb to the next area, chuck some dynamite into the cave in front of you to break the crates then crawl in to find the treasure.

Traveling Inkwell with Seal

After swinging from the wooden pole over a sliding slope, shimmy around the ledge to the right then drop down into a small covered area below.

Carved Ivory Vanitas

After sliding and swinging your way over to the graveyard entrance door, climb up the ledges to the left of if then check the base of the statue in the area above.

Journal Entry

After checking the first grave in the graveyard, turn around and drop to the lower level then examine the open grave.

Journal Note

Once you enter the crypt and exit the first set of stairs, look in the far corner to find the note tucked with a pile of bones.

Scottish Ha'penny

When you descend further into the crypt and reach the misty-floored area, turn left into the alcove and look on the foot of the statue.

Optional Conversation

After inspecting the three statues on crosses, talk to Sam.

Optional Conversation and Journal Entry

Once you've completed the light puzzle on the door, talk to Sam to receive two collectibles at once.

Slipjoint Clasp Knife

After opening the door to exit the graveyard and encountering the next patrol of three enemies, look for a cave at the lower level of this area and crawl in to locate the treasure.

Pewter Singing Bird Box

After boosting Sam up to the broken ladder and seeing him set up a log for you to rappel from, jump the gap to the platform opposite and enter the cave to find this treasure on some crates.

Tortoise Shell Snuff Box

After Sam breaks the wooden bridge and you climb your own way up to the surface, retrace Sam's steps climbing back down to the other side of the bridge.

Persian Tailoring Scissors

Once you've jumped across the rickety beams over the wrecked pirate ship, follow the path then go underneath the wooden platform instead of up the stairs and turn right to find this treasure in a dark alcove.

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