All Uncharted 4 Treasure locations and every journal collectible

14. Join Me in Paradise

9 Treasures, 4 Journal Entries, 2 Journal Notes, 6 Optional Conversations

Note: Some of the optional conversations in this chapter are missable, so if they don't appear for you then restart the checkpoint or the chapter and try again.

Carved Horn Bird Sculpture

As soon as the chapter starts, turns around and climb through the window behind you then check on the cart in the next room.

Optional Conversation

Now drop down to the area below and speak to Sam.

Journal Note

Walk across the lattice bridge and jump to the next rooftop, then jump to the window and climb inside the building before entering the room on the right and checking the desk.

Optional Conversation

Drop down into the blacksmith workshop and examine the sword on the bench, then talk to Sam.

Mughal Vase

Exit the blacksmith workshop and turn right, then enter the ruined building opposite and head to the room under the stairs to spot this treasure on a barrel.

Journal Entry

Return to the area outside the blacksmith workshop and examine the carved rules notice.

Journal Entry

Enter the nearby stable and examine the horse skeleton.

Optional Conversation

Now speak to Sam.

Optional Conversation

Head back up the 'main street' past the point you started from, and enter the building at the end then interact with the chair to trigger a lengthy conversation with Sam.

Optional Conversation and Journal Entry

Go through town until you reach the statue of Avery down some steps, then quickly head to the stocks and speak to Sam when he puts himself in them to receive both these collectibles.

Journal Entry

Examine the marking on the side of Avery's statue.

Ancient Stone Pot

Now enter the jail behind the stocks and head down the cells on the right hand side. In the end cell, duck through the hole into the middle cell and find this treasure on the floor.

Painted Copper Bottle

Once you've entered the hideout and climbed the ladder, take the right hand tunnel to find this treasure at the end.

Journal Note

After the second Shoreline fight in quick succession, swing to the tower opposite then enter the building next to it and drop to the floor below, when the note is on a table.

Mughal Jade Bottle

Now go outside and turn around to spot the next treasure on a ledge above the doorway.

Slipjoint Claspknife

After climbing the tower and swinging over to the next area, lower yourself over the edge ahead then shimmy to your left until you can grapple a wooden beam. Swing into the hidden room to find the treasure on a crate.

Large Bronze Boar

Enter the building then swing across the large gap, before walking along the ledge to enter the room on your left where you'll find this treasure on a table.

Stout Vase

When you climb over a wall and slide down a muddy bank, take the right hand side of the stairs to your right then jump the gap to collect the treasure on a table.

Optional Conversation

At the scene of the battle, wait for Sam to catch up and inspect the body by the water, then speak to him.

Mughal Serving Vase

Now follow the right hand side of this area to the far end, where this treasure is on an overturned chair.

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