All Uncharted 4 Treasure locations and every journal collectible

3. The Malaysia Job

4 Treasures, 2 Optional Conversations

Antique Padlock

At the start of the chapter, swim to the right of the big rock ahead of you and look for a tree trunk suspended across two rocks - the treasure is between them.

Chiriqui Shark Trinket

Now continue swimming forwards to pass through a double archway, then turn around to spot this treasure between the two openings on the far side.

Antique Pocketwatch

When you reach the wrecked container, line yourself up with the back of it then swim in the direction of the top of the container until you find this treasure on the rocks ahead.

Optional Conversation

After arriving on the barge, chat to the workers unloading the cargo.

Optional Conversation

Go up the steps to the small platform in the middle of the barge and talk to the worker.

Antique Arcade Token

On the same platform, look on the shelves to the side.

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