All Uncharted 4 Treasure locations and every journal collectible

12. At Sea

13 Treasures, 6 Journal Entries, 2 Journal Notes, 2 Optional Conversations

Journal Entry

Approach the left hand island beach, then leave the boat and examine the grave marker to the left.

Journal Note

Now follow the path back to the cave and check on top of the crates.

Combination Lock Tobacco Box

As you face out to sea from the beach, get back in your boat and follow the coastline around to the right. Keep going until you find another beach, then head to the back of this area to find the treasure.

Journal Note

Now sail away from the beach out to sea, towards a small island with a mast sticking up. Disembark by the crates then check the satchel on the beach.

Journal Entry

Walk around the beach then examine the mast sticking out of the water.

Brass Pocket Sundial

Dive into the water then swim inside the upper deck of the ship through the hole in the side.

Persian Leather Notebook Case

Return to the main island and continue circling it clockwise, passing through a double stone archway. Stop the boat next to the ledge on the right then use the cabin to jump over to it, before climbing up the handholds to a higher ledge where this treasure hides.

Panamanian Pendant

Continuing clockwise, go through the next stone archway then head between the rocks to the left island outcrop, before disembarking at the small beach and following the path behind it to the treasure.

Persian Silver Pen Box

Further clockwise, you'll reach a large beach and spot a tower. Look inside the small cave at the left end of the beach.

Silver and Wood Tankard

Now head to the middle of the beach and check the small alcove under a rock between two palm trees.

Journal Entry

Turn around and examine the skeleton tied to the mast.

Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl

Once you've followed the compass markers and discovered the ruined temple, take the right hand path when you drop down into the water then grab the treasure on the way up the steps.

Mughal Elephant Carving

Once Sam has broken the bridge, climb up and jump over to the opposite platform then look inside the small cave through the archway.

Optional Conversation

When you rejoin Sam, head forwards to the edge of the cliff and talk.

Ottoman Helmet

After completing the swinging and climbing section to reach the higher level, duck inside the tower to grab this treasure.

Deccani Bronze Vase

When you swing from the top of the tower, land on the next platform but before you slide down the slope, turn left and climb along the ledge to find the treasure around the corner.

Strange Relic

After sliding down the muddy slope, head left along the path the climb up the handholds to the left hand side. At the top, take a leap of faith in the direction of the fountain opposite then grapple the tree branch to reach the far side. The treasure is on the side of the fountain.

Journal Entry

Go to the right hand side of the muddy slope you slid down, then drop down a couple of platforms before surveying the view ahead.

Hamsa Mythical Goose

When you swing from the second grapple point, pull yourself up then swing to the base of the statue to grab this treasure.

Journal Entry

Once you drop to the bottom of the area, enter the side room full of plans and inspect the diorama in the centre.

Optional Conversation

After looking at the diorama and inspecting the other items in this room, go to the next room and inspect the provisions on the table then speak to Sam when he enters.

Pique Tortoise Shell Box

Follow the path to the water in this room then swim right and take the next path back towards the room you just left to find this treasure.

Journal Entry

When you reach Avery's statue, look up and collect this journal entry.

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