All Uncharted 4 Treasure locations and every journal collectible

6. Once a Thief…

9 Treasures, 3 Optional Conversations

Maghal Water Container

At the bottom of the initial grassy area, head left to the edge of the cliff.

Nephrite Brass Cup

After climbing the wall into the lemon grove, follow the right hand wall along then look on a window ledge under a tree.

Optional Conversation

Now head down the hill and speak to Sam.

Optional Conversation

After rappelling down from the window and swinging across to an archway, drop down and speak to Sam.

Viking Cloak Clasp

Once you're inside and have met Sully, turn around after the plan is hatched and re-enter the room behind you, then check on the bureau to the side.

Mother of Pearl Horn

Now go outside onto the balcony past the guests and turn right to find this treasure on a ledge.

Optional Conversation

Speak to Sam out on the balcony.

Persian Bronze Bowl

Once you get through the security door and enter the catering area, head left to where the circular tables are stored then look behind the crates in the corner by the pipes.

Brass Barber's Bowl

When you pass the guard room and go down the wooden stairs to discover the gate, turn around at the bottom to find this treasure.

Syrian Vase

After emerging from the vents, drop down to the lower level with a fountain then go around the corner to find a ladder. Climb it to a balcony then shimmy up the drainpipe and climb right to go around the corner. Drop onto the roof below to find this treasure.

Persian Candlestick

Once you boost Sam up and he kicks down the ladder for you, climb up then turn around to spot a balcony on the opposite side of the courtyard. Make a manual save here as if you miss the jump you can't retry it without reloading. Climb up onto the roof of the porch ahead, then jump diagonally to the balcony and find the treasure on a pillar.

Mughal Dagger

After switching from Sully as the auction begins, jump and swing Drake to the first platform, then turn left and drop down off the ledge. Climb right then up to grab this treasure on a ledge.

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