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Uncharted 4 collectibles guide

13. Marooned

5 Treasures, 2 Journal Entries, 2 Journal Notes

Persian Ring

After seeing the signal, follow the path and jump to the pillar ahead then climb it. Now jump across to the rock face in front of you then climb right and up until you spot the treasure on a small ledge above.

Wood Tankard

Once you've spotted Rafe's ships and swung across the front of the waterfall, enter the cave next to the waterfall then jump across to the lower level to find this treasure tucked by a rock.

Journal Entry

Now turn around and jump over to the stone pillar ahead, then climb to the top and jump to the dark platform opposite before examining the writing on the wall.

Spy Glass

In the same area, drop onto the slippery slope then jump over to the waterfall and climb up it. In the cavern at the top you'll find this treasure on a crate to the side.

Journal Note

After crawling through the low ceilinged flooded areas and climbing back outside, look on the left to spot this note in a satchel by a skeleton.

Journal Entry

Now look directly above you to see where an unfortunate climber met their fate.

Journal Note

After defeating the group of enemies, you'll need to climb up a pillar then grapple around to a new ledge. The path here splits around either side of a thick tree trunk, and on the other side climb to ledge to the left and inspect the satchel with the skeleton.

Dress Dirk

Now enter the shady tree area next to the skeleton and go to the far end to find this treasure.

Frechen Bearded Bottle

After crawling under the crate when exploring the ruined building, hang a right up the boards and into another crawling section, then drop through the hole on the right into another room. Now drop down again to the right and crawl underneath the room you just entered, then check near the barrel to find the treasure.

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