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Get a Nintendo Switch 128GB MicroSD card for only £14.49 right now

(Image credit: SanDisk)

Thanks to the sheer multitude of best Nintendo Switch games, and the glorious plethora of best Switch indie games, you may find that the 32GB of internal storage you get with the Nintendo Switch is getting a little full. But, thankfully, courtesy of the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, there's a brilliant 128GB SanDisk microSD card on offer to quickly expand your storage for just £14.49.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD card | £14.49 (was £35.89)
A brilliantly quick way to expand your Switch game library capacity, and now you can do it for under £15. Bargain. View Deal

Or, if that doesn't flat your boat, you can get the official - and adorable - 128GB official microSD card from SanDisk for just £17.99. That's down from the original RRP of £40.99.

128GB official Nintendo Switch microSD card | £17.99 at Amazon
Technically you could install the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild nine times on this 128GB microSD. View Deal

Okay, okay, so technically you wouldn't see the lovely red branding, or adorable little Toad icon when it's inside your Switch. But, you'll know it's there. It's more about making sure that you've got enough space to futureproof your Switch. There's nothing worse than trying to download the latest, snazzy new game and finding that you're hitting that storage full wall. You don't always want to delete anything in your library after all, so making sure that you've got some overspill space is super important. 

SanDisk's official microSD card is a brilliant little option too, as it offers transfer rates up to 100MB/s meaning you won't see any delays when loading games stored there rather than the internal storage. That means you'll spend less time waiting, and more time gaming. And that's exactly what matters. 

If you miss this deal, make sure to check out our constantly updated Nintendo Switch SD cards offers, which shows you which microSD cards are the best and at the best price.

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