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Taylor Lautner compares Grown Ups 2 to Twilight

Taylor Lautner talked about his career gear-shift in Grown Up 2 at the Summer Of Sony press conference in Cancun.

The Twilight hunk admitted that he loved hanging out with Adam Sandler’s comedy superteam for the sequel, and unsurprisingly, it was a more laughter-filled set than he’s used to.

“I loved. I was very intimidated… But, I mean, it’s why I wanted to do it. I mean, these guys and Salma [ Hayek ], they’re the best at what they do and it was a huge learning experience for me. I mean, it’s an absolute blast.

“The set is unlike anything else I’ve ever been on. We don’t laugh this much on the Twilight sets.”

Sandler also piped up on the Twihard experience: “We all loved [ Lautner ] and, you know, just like anybody, we were a little intimidated to meet old Taylor, too, ‘cause the sound he brings with him. Wherever he shows up there’s a giant crowd of high-pitched screaming and happiness.”

“We thought they were protesters for the first two days,” deadpanned co-star David Spade.

You’ll be able to see Lautner flex his comedic muscles - alongside returning cast members including Sandler, Spade, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph and Salma Hayek - when Grown Ups 2 opens in the UK on 9 August 2013.