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You can snag Shadow of the Tomb Raider for 50% off on PS4 and Xbox One, at Amazon

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider had some tough competition this fall season, getting somewhat overshadowed by the open-world web-slinging of Spider-Man on PS4, and again when Red Dead Redemption 2 sauntered up just a few weeks later. But the final chapter in Lara Croft's rebooted trilogy is a standout action adventure that's well worth playing - and you can grab it on Amazon for only $30 right now, just in time for all the Black Friday game deals

Shadow of the Tomb Raider for $29.99 at Amazon (50% off!)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider for $29.99 at Amazon (50% off!)
Raid tombs, stalk jungles, and prevent the Mayan apocalypse in Lara Croft's latest - now selling for half-price on PS4 and Xbox One!

If you somehow missed the lead-up to launch, Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes Lara to the jungles of Peru, where she's once again fighting for her life against the mercenary forces of Trinity. By now, Lara's a seasoned killer - you'll be slicing Trinity throats with reckless abandon as you stealthily execute enemies amidst the tropical foliage. It also takes the trademark supernatural elements in more of a horror direction. "I'm no nervous Nancy when it comes to horror, but the game managed to get a few good jumps out of me, and one set of enemies you meet about halfway through are genuinely disturbing," we said in our review. "The way they looked, moved and raced at me out of dark corners made me feel tense and edgy in a way that I'm more used to feeling with survival horror." 

Granted, seeing such deep discounts on a relatively new game might irk those who bought it at launch (or worse still, pre-ordered it). Shadow of the Tomb Raider was recently review-bombed on Steam by irate buyers who felt burned by a 34% price reduction, so this 50% drop might make them see red. But if you waited patiently to reunite with Lara, or you simply missed the game when it debuted, you'd do well to take advantage of this fantastic price on a great game. You can also try out new DLC chapter The Forge - though you'll have to pay full price on that.

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