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How to get the Viking Helmet in Red Dead Redemption 2, so you can cosplay as a Norse raider

Having a cool cowboy hat is synonymous with life in the Old West, but thanks to this hidden item you can flip that concept on its head with a Red Dead Redemption 2 Viking Helmet. There are always plenty of hats lying around after a Red Dead Redemption 2 gunfight, but if you want to find something a bit more special that's going to stand out then you'll need to look a little harder. To stand out completely from the other outlaws in town, this hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 Viking Helmet is just the thing to unearth, so we'll show you where and how to find it.

To get started, head to the Old Tomb situated just south of the ‘R’ in Roanoke Valley on the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, to the west of Deer Cottage. It’s very close to the road, and you should be able to see a rocky opening amongst the grass - a prompt will appear to have Arthur sketch it in his journal if you’re standing above it. Inside, you'll find a nice bit of archaeology, which lucky for you has some period-appropriate bits of costume to pick up.

Make your way to the sacrificial chamber, the open-air part of the tomb, landmarked by a delightfully old skeleton laid out on a rock. If you walk around the body you’ll quickly find a Viking Hatchet, which you can later lob at unsuspecting cowpokes.

Facing towards the head of the skeleton, go towards the door closest to its right arm and head inside. You may need a lantern equipped to see properly. Hug the right wall and you should see a prompt to swap your hat for a helmet. The Viking Helmet is particularly hard to spot, so just be meticulous and keep your lantern out and you should find it.

Don’t get too lost revelling in the beauty of your headgear just yet though. Before you leave, hug the right wall even further and you’ll find a row of skulls in a little nook. Pull your pistol out and shoot them to reveal the Ancient Viking Comb, a luxury item you can sell to the fence for a tidy sum, or just keep in your satchel if you fancy yourself a bit of a past preserver.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to see at the Old Tomb. Once you’ve collected every piece of kit, hop back on your trusty steed and make your way back to society, emboldened by the power of the Norse gods.  The items might have no real statistical effects on Arthur, but it certainly adds a bit of bravado when you return to the old Valentine saloon for a beverage and a bust-up.

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