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Red Dead Online patch notes: A grizzly bear-baiter is this week's Legendary Bounty

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Yukon Nik
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

We've got the latest Red Dead Online patch notes, and this week's Legendary Bounty is unbearable (I'm sorry). "Yukon" Nikoli Borodon is a Russian bear-baiter with a handful of outstanding warrants he collected during his time in Alaska - apparently he was busy, as there's several murders connected to him, along with the disappearance of a US marshal who was sent to bring him in. You'll want to be careful when approaching Yukon, as he allegedly keeps captive wild grizzlies on hand. 

Yukon joins the colorful and growing list of Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties. Collecting him will get you a monetary reward, as usual, but you'll also get three Special Snake Oil and 10 Big Game Meat (is it the bears?) within 24 hours of bringing this man to justice.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue now has a bunch of new permanent clothing, including the Chumley Flat Cap, Salcedo Shirt, Crutchfield Suspenders, Fulbright Coat Dress Shoes, and a Cardenas Poncho. Womenswear fans can spruce up their closet with the Ballard Jacket, Aguirre Boots, and Goodale Shirt. There's a lot of fancy stuff in the catalogue, so take a peak if you're looking to step up your style.

This week Collectors can complete the Bowman's Collection and return it to Madam Nazar for a generous reward. The Bowman's Collection includes the Flint Arrowhead, Raw Arrowhead, and Agate Arrowhead. Return to Madam Nazar in person or mail it from the Post Office. If you'd rather shoot than search, this week's Featured Free Aim Series is Team Shootout, where two squads face off against each other.

And, as usual, there's a bunch of generous discounts and bonuses this week, including a 50% bonuses on Goods delivery if you use a Small or Medium Wagon,  25% off Trading and Hunter Wagons, and a 50% discount on Trader Resupply Orders. Plus if your campsite doesn't bring you joy, redecorate it with 40% off everything at Wilderness outfitters.

PlayStation Plus members can still get four free Tarot Cards if they play Red Dead Online before November 25, and Twitch Prime users can still get a free Bounty Hunter License, as well as 10% extra off of all the discounted items above.

You can read the full patch notes on Rockstar's blog here

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