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Red Dead Online patch notes: Collectors and Bounty Hunter bonuses, free goodies, and more

Red Dead Online patch notes
(Image credit: Rockstar)

It's a new week, and we've got a new set of Red Dead Online patch notes to break down for you.

While last week was all about Traders and Moonshiners, this week focuses on Collectors and Bounty Hunters, who can earn some extra rewards for their work. First, Bounty Hunters will get 50% extra pay on all bounties, and any Bounty Hunter at Rank 5 or higher will get a free role outfit, accessory or emote. There's also an offer for 40% off an established or higher Bounty Hunter item if you complete a legendary bounty this week. 

Collectors can enjoy 40% off an established or higher collector item if you dig up at least five collectibles, and Collectors at Rank 5 or higher will get four megafauna fossils and a free coat. Plus, just logging into Red Dead Online this week will net you two bird's eggs, two arrowheads, and two family heirlooms for free. 

There's also a brand-new collection of limited-time clothing added to the catalogue, so if you're in the mood to change up your look, get on these items quick:

  • Irwin coat
  • Porter jacket
  • Charro jacket
  • Prieto poncho
  • Concho pants
  • Owanjila hat
  • Fanned stovepipe hat
  • Raccoon hat
  • Cossack hat
  • Shaffer chaps
  • Pelt half chaps
  • Vaquero baroque spurs
  • Furred gloves
  • Darned stockings
  • Bowyer boots
  • Morales vest
  • Cardozo vest

Prime Gaming members who connect their accounts to their Rockstar Social Club will get the following:

  • Five Free legendary animal pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • A free wilderness camp
  • A free Katata Coat crafted from the legendary Katata elk hide

If you connect your accounts before November 23, you'll get this as well:

  • Free single bandolier
  • Double bandolier - 50% off
  • Deluxe campfire - 50% off
  • Improved bow - 30% off

For the complete Red Dead Online patch notes, head to Rockstar's Newswire.

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