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PSA: The first Captain Marvel trailer is probably dropping today – and here’s when you can watch it

It’s about that time of year again. Marvel Studios has kickstarted the engine and the hype train is about to leave the station. Next stop? Captain Marvel. While we don’t know yet whether we’ll be getting a Captain Marvel trailer, new Captain Marvel images, or something else entirely, we do know that we’ll be getting our first official look at the new Marvel movie today.

Brie Larson took to Twitter late last night (September 4) and tagged Entertainment Weekly in a tweet that stated she wanted to “break the internet”. Oh, hell yeah.

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EW, being the cheeky scamps they are, have something “Marvel-ous” in mind. You don’t need to be Shuri to figure this one out: a Captain Marvel reveal is coming. There’s even a time, too. 12pm EST. That’s 9am Pacific on the West Coast and, if you’re across the pond, 5pm BST is when you want to be setting your alarms to.

So, what can we expect? A new Captain Marvel trailer would be the dream, and chimes with Kevin Feige’s previous comments in June that a Captain Marvel trailer is still “a few months away.”  Even without that, there should be a good-to-great chance of a bunch of official Captain Marvel images, including Captain Marvel suit photos finally being shown, and maybe even Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury also.

As weird as it may seem, we’ve not actually seen any images of Brie Larson in Carol Danvers’ costume, nor anything else outside of Captain Marvel leaks, publicity shoots, and the like. This is going to be big. Breaking the internet big? That’s for you to decide.

There you have it. Today: 12pm EST. Be there or be square – Captain Marvel is coming, and be sure to stick with GamesRadar+ for all the reaction to the news.

Out of all the upcoming movies on the way, Captain Marvel is probably near the top of your list, right? Still, there's plenty more to be excited about.

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