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PS5 restock rumored at these stores in the next week

PS5 restock
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Update: PS5 stock has been spotted flitting in and out at Target over the last few minutes - head over quick for your chance to secure a console and keep refreshing. 

We're still waiting on this week's PS5 restock from Target and GameStop, after early rumors suggested more units would be on the shelves. This week has been incredibly quiet for those on the hunt for PS5 stock, so any consoles or accessories firmly on the shelves today would be excellent news. 

All eyes are on Target right now, after multiple sources have tipped a PS5 restock online, including Jake Randall, a YouTuber and stock tracker. We usually see Target dropping stock before 8am ET, so it's worth heading over to see if anything is happening. 

GameStop has also been under the microscope this week, with similar rumors spreading over a potential new release. That came largely after the retailer announced that members of its PowerUp rewards program would benefit from early access to PS5 restock chances. It's worth keeping an eye out here, especially considering GameStop regularly offers bundles, but a full restock may be unlikely. 

Best Buy is well overdue a PS5 restock. We haven't heard from the retailer in over a month, so it's likely there are plenty of consoles stocked up in a warehouse somewhere. Best Buy usually launches its stock on Thursdays, though, so we might be waiting another week to get our hands on them.

You'll have to be extremely lucky to stumble upon a PS5 restock at Amazon. The retailer doesn't tend to follow a pattern in releasing new consoles and often slides new stock under the table by having users add the device to various lists to be able to buy. However, we'd recommend checking in here, as there's been more movement over at Amazon than any other retailer recently. 

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