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PS5 restock - here's where to check for supply

PS5 restock
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Today's PS5 restock is playing out a lot like the others. Retailers randomly add stock to their websites and the usual suspects on social media sound the alarm, we all scramble like absolute mad people for that sweet, sweet "Order Confirmed" page, and inevitably some of us get what we want and others don't. If you're still in the thick of that struggle, we give you our strength. Don't give up just yet.

Cutting to the chase, and keeping it very succinct for those of you who are limited on time, we'd keep an eye out for Amazon, Target, and possibly Walmart in the US for the remainder of the day. As for the UK, we'd prioritize Amazon now that Game seems to have sold out.

PS5 restock: July 22 2021

Though it's true retailers traditionally get PS5 stock during the afternoon from about 2pm ET, it's impossible to predict if and when they'll make more units available. As you're likely well aware by now, PS5s are incredibly elusive and will pop up here and there without notice and following no identifiable pattern.

Amazon US is worth keeping an eye on in particular. It dropped a bunch of PS5s out of the blue earlier this week, and when combined with its frustrating habit of offering stock at the weirdest times, there's a slim chance it might do so again today. A PS5 restock can lead to flashes of extra or unfulfilled stock the following day or so, making more deals on Amazon a possibility.

As for the UK, Amazon UK is also worth camping on. Game's blowout of deals this morning may result in a few unfulfilled orders too, so we'd recommend watching out for that one as well.

No matter where you go, it's best to act swiftly and efficiently no matter what. And if you get sent to any virtual waiting rooms or queues, be patient and don't spam the refresh button - that could cost you your place. 

Where appropriate, aim for bundles too. These are always slower to go. Plus, it's often just nicer and more satisfying to get a game or extra DualSense thrown in with your new console.

For more info on which stores are most likely to come up with the PS5 restock goods, don't forget to visit our PS5 deals page.

Check for a PS5 restock at Amazon

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