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PS5 keyboard and mouse support confirmed, but not all games will use it

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

PS5 keyboard and mouse support has been confirmed. 

That's thanks to a new FAQ from Sony, which says: "Yes, USB and Bluetooth keyboards and mice are supported at a system level, though game developers will decide whether to support at a game level," writes senior director Sid Shuman of Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

Naturally, the on-screen keyboard will always be available while you're using the DualSense controller, but the option to connect a keyboard and mouse should make navigating many apps, like the PlayStation Store and media apps, much easier. It's also a relief that you can use Bluetooth or USB to connect them. Bluetooth pairing isn't the hassle it once was, and the PS5 has USB type-C and type-A ports on the front, so just about every KBM configuration should be doable. Some devices may not play well with PS5, but with its new system architecture, the PS5 should have broader KBM compatibility. 

Of course, the big caveat here is that while the PS5 itself supports KBM, that doesn't mean its games will. Multiplatform games that come to PS5 and PC will be more likely to offer KBM controls, but first-party PS5 games may not support KBM. For many console owners, that's probably not really an issue, and as we said in our DualSense PS5 controller review, the new controller really is an incredible way to play next-gen games. System connectivity should cover typing-heavy apps, and that ought to be enough for most PS5 owners. 

This new FAQ also detailed how PS5 M.2 SSD storage expansion support will be patched in post-launch. Read our full PS5 review for a full breakdown on what this beast of a machine can do, and check out the best PS5 Black Friday deals here.

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