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Pokemon Go is all about Bug-types and Shedinja this November

Pokemon Go will be full of bugs this November - but don't worry, these are the good kind. The kind that can use String Shot and Megahorn. Bug-type Pokemon! And should you collect enough of these little buggers (heh heh) you can even capture the elusive Shedinja. That's all according to the official Pokemon Go Twitter account:

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These Pokemon aren't typically favored by players; Bug-type trainers were among the first, and weakest, enemies the original Pokemon Red and Blue games set you up against. Shedinja, however, can be an extremely valuable asset in battle. It only has 1HP but is immune to most effects, so with the right strategy you can use it to absolutely destroy opponents.

In the main series, you would acquire Shedinja by evolving Nincada into Ninjask while you had an open slot in your party (get it? Because it's a cicada and cicada shed their skin?). However, it seems that all you'll need to do to acquire the Pokemon Go version is complete a set number of Field Research tasks before you unlock a Research Breakthrough and can just straight-up catch it. The only question is, can you catch a Shedinja without catching a Nincada or Ninjask?

Guess we'll find out in just a few days!

Shedinja's existence was leaked way back in July 2018, along with several other currently-absent Pokemon. While you're waiting for them to show up, be sure to read our guides, like how to catch Celebi in Pokemon Go. 

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