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Cheapest Nintendo Switch SD card deals

Nintendo Switch SD card deals
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If you've got a Switch, cheap Nintendo Switch SD card deals (AKA Nintendo Switch memory cards) are important. No matter whether you've got a 'standard' console or the cheaper Lite, they only come with 32GBs of memory out of the box. Although that's OK to start with, it'll fill up fast. The result is having to delete old saves or installs to make room for new ones.

That's makes Nintendo Switch SD cards some of the most useful Nintendo Switch accessories out there. In terms of which ones you should get, we'd recommend SanDisk products. It's one of the biggest names around when it comes to digital storage solutions, and the company has an excellent reputation in terms of Nintendo Switch memory cards as well. 

You see, you don't need to grab an official memory card; it's absolutely fine to pick up a normal SanDisk SD card instead. In fact, doing so helps you avoid an unnecessary premium. Any Micro SD card should do the trick.

In terms of which size you should choose, we'd recommend the 128GB option. There's more than enough room to keep you going for a long time, though 64GB will still do OK in the short-term.

Anyway, down to business. To make sure you're getting maximum value for money, our team's been busy searching for good deals, bargains, and discounts Why pay more than you have to? For more reductions, be sure to pop back every now and then - this page is always being updated. 

Cheap Nintendo Switch SD card deals

Nintendo Switch SD card


1. SanDisk 128GB MicroSD

The best Nintendo Switch SD card

The perfect middle-ground
Not too expensive
Should last a while
Doesn't often get discounted

Sandisk is one of the biggest and best names in MicroSD cards, and this is probably the best value model you can buy. For about $23 / £22 you get 128GB of storage, a reliable MicroSD card with decent file transfer speeds, and you even get an adaptor should you want to use this in an SD-based device like a digital camera. That makes it hugely versatile. Nintendo partnered with SanDisk for the official SD card for Switch, so it's a make Ninty trusts too. And yes, we have tested this MicroSD card and it 100% works with your Switch.

Nintendo Switch SD card


2. SanDisk 64GB MicroSD

Best small-capacity Nintendo Switch SD card

Doubles your storage
A decent starter card
Doesn't have loads of space

Want a solid amount of Switch storage while still remaining in the ‘impulse purchase’ price bracket? You’ll want to check out this 64GB beauty. It’ll take a respectable amount of games before filling up, adding double the Switch’s onboard 32GB capacity for a total of triple what you get straight out of the box. That likely won’t last forever, without intermittent deleting install management, but at the same time, it won’t cost you must at all to get started and you'll still get all the current best Nintendo Switch games on there. Reckon you'll get between 7-15 games on this SD card, depending on what games they are. The biggies take up 5GB-15GB, whereas some indies only take up 500MB or less.

3. Toshiba 128GB Exceria

Most reliable Nintendo Switch SD card

Can operate in high or low temperatures
Five-year warranty

If you're worried about causing damage to your SD card (so, you take it out with you loads, you regularly travel and have it going through X-ray machines etc) then you should invest in the Toshiba 128GB Exceria card. It's not much more than most other SDs, but you get a card that's shock-proof, waterproof, X-ray proof, and can operate in lower or higher temperatures (Toshiba claims -25C to 85C, but we didn't test the card to such extremes). It has decent speeds too, offering read speeds of 98MB/s and 65MB/s write speeds - ideal if you're loading from this card. And if you're planning to use the SD card for other purposes, the Toshiba is great with 4K video, and full HD recording for cameras. You also get a five year warranty on this one, so Toshiba is pretty confident about how long it'll last.

Silicon Power 1TB Superior SD card

(Image credit: Silicon Power)

4. Silicon Power 1TB Superior SD card

The best bang-for-buck, massive capacity Nintendo Switch SD card

Incredible capacity for an SD card
Decent speeds
Five-year warranty
Brilliant value
Almost too big

If you're ever thinking about being completely, utterly, and totally future-proofed in terms of your Switch's capacity then the Silicon Power 1TB Superior SD card is for you. Yes, the 1TB capacity will mean it is a larger investment by default to begin with but the sheer value here is ridiculous, and you'll literally never have to worry about storage space again. Pop this in and even the most storage conscious of future-proof worried among us will have their minds eased.

The Superior 1TB SD card also comes with an adapter so you're good to go with any kind of mobile device or laptop should you need to shift gears, and there's a five-year warranty so you can have peace of mind. Simple, massive stuff.

Note: The stock of this SD card is fluctuating wildly at retailers right now but it is usually out there, seen in the wild. You may have to bookmark this page and refollow the links after giving it a chance to come back into stock. It'll be absolutely worth it - good luck!

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Nintendo Switch SD card


5. SanDisk 200GB MicroSD

Best value Nintendo Switch SD card

Loads of space
Probably won't need to upgrade
Excellent value
Probably overkill

Hitting the ‘Goldilocks window’ for Micro SD cards (being more than big enough for most game storage needs, but not excessively so, at a price that’s entirely fair), the 200GB SDXC will evaporate all your storage worries for a good, long time, without breaking the bank. For the price of roughly one AAA Nintendo Switch game, you’ll get a home for dozens and dozens more – you could fit Super Mario Odyssey on this thing 33 times. If you’re not on a particularly tight budget, and want a robust Micro SD card that still won’t cost the Earth, this is the one to go for. It's worth noting that the cost of SD cards continues to fall, so you can pick this one up much cheaper today than it was 6 months ago, so it's worth stretching your budget a little.

Nintendo Switch SD card


6. Official Nintendo Switch SanDisk 64GB MicroSD

Best official Nintendo Switch SD card

Awesome Zelda design
Doubles your storage space
A bit more expensive

If you'd like something a little more official, this Legend of Zelda SD card by SanDisk (featuring the Triforce symbol and a crisp white color scheme) may be up your street. Plus, it looks really cool with that Triforce symbol sitting pretty on the front.

Nintendo Switch SD card


7. Official Nintendo Switch SanDisk 128GB MicroSD

Biggest official Nintendo Switch SD card

Cool Mario theme
Loads of space
Official merchandise

This is more expensive than the officially licensed Hyrulian SD card shown above, but it's also potentially more worthwhile. At just a few dollars more, you can get a card that's double the size. This offers better value for money in the long run.

PNY Elite 128GB MicroSD

(Image credit: PNY)

8. PNY Elite 128GB MicroSD

A great budget SD card for your Switch

Loads of storage for a lower price
Decent speeds
Often on sale
Larger cards have reliability issues

If you're looking to get as much storage as possible for your money, the PNY Elite is a great pick. We've tested the 128GB version, which is more reliable than the 256GB, and it works just fine. Read and write speeds vary per device, it seems, but they are among the higher speeds for Switch and very comparable with the SanDisk cards. As long as you're careful not to bash the PNY cards around, they operate fine, and in the event you do have problems the company is great at offering refunds and replacements. The Elite is shock, water, and magnet proof so is handy to have if you're storing it in a Switch case, but we wouldn't recommend exposing it to any of these conditions for long periods of time. It comes in a pleasing green color, and - as is standard - also includes an adaptor for other devices.

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