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Next Dishonored DLC could be The Other Side of the Coin

The next Dishonored DLC will very likely be called "The Other Side of the Coin." New trophy information for the game via PS3Trophies gives a few details about what is likely the next pack, which Bethesda last year said will focus on magic-wielding assassin Daud.

It looks like The Other Side of the Coin will resemble Corvo Attano's quest of vengeance, offering trophies for completing the content without alerts or kills, and a similar "chaos" system. We'll be interested to see where and when players will take over Daud's story--if you've played through the main game, you know his regrettable contribution to the story of Dunwall.

Bethesda said it has plans for at least one more story-driven expansion after this one, and that it's "clearly" a new franchise. We've reached out to the publisher for comment on the trophy information and will update this story with any response.

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