Dishonored sells well, franchise confirmed

Expect more steampunky plague-ridden open-level stealth in the future: Dishonored has outsold Bethesda's expectations, solidifying the project as a franchise for the publisher. Looks like new IP can succeed, even in a season filled with titles from triple-A heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.

"I can tell you that Dishonored is far exceeding our sales expectations, which is especially cool considering it’s new IP facing a host of well-established franchises this quarter," Bethesda VP of marketing Pete Hines told Destructoid. "We did terrific numbers again this past weekend, both in stores and on Steam, where Dishonored was listed as the No. 1 selling title over the holiday weekend. And Dishonored has really sold well overseas."

Bethesda didn't reveal specific sales numbers, but whatever they were, they were good enough to more or less guarantee a trip back to Dunwall--speaking of which, check out what we'd like to see in a theoretical Dishonored 2: Dishonored Harder.

"So, we’re very pleased and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and Arkane," Hines said. "We clearly have a new franchise."

Connor Sheridan

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