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New Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 domains offer "earth-shattering" clues

Looks like Arkham Asylum 2 has gone and hired none other than The Joker himself as their head of marketing. How else can you explain the boatload of cryptic URLsrecently registered by Warner Brothers? Well… let’s try!

We’ve hadplenty of fun deciphering the secretstrickled outfrom what little has been released pertaining to the sequel to Batman’s greatest game of all time, but WB Interactive made at least one thing clear:Arkham Has Moved (Dot Com!)However, those newly registered domains offer even more succulent glimpses as to the “Why?” And more importantly, lend a little more credence to the prevailing theory that Arkham Asylum 2 will follow the storyline of 1999’s No Man’s Land.

The teaser clearly showed roving gangs of Arkham escapees having their way in the streets of Gotham, presumably due to the havoc caused in the institution by Bats and Joker. Unless those are the events leading up to the game, the URL extensions of “Broken Ground” and “Ashes of Gotham” point to Batman: Cataclym, the lead up to No Man’s Land, which saw Gotham devastated by an earthquake that basically reduced the city into a third world country,or more importantly, the New Arkham Asylum (also hinted at with its own domain. “New Arkham.”)

“Close Arkham City,” “State of Villainy,” and “Siege of Gotham” would also seem reflect that storyline, with Batman and the police tasked with corralling and combating the Arkham refugees taking over the city, causing Mayor Quincy Sharp to declare martial law (ALSO hinted at with its own URL, “Stop Mayor Sharp.”)

Whatever the case, it looks like we’re going to see history’s greatest detective in a violent, near post-apocalyptic setting. Perhaps this is just something to throw us off the scent of what Gotham truly has in store, but hey, those domains ain’t free! And WB sure purchased a helluva lot of names specifically relating tothe No Man's Land story, so it’d be a fairly costly act of deception. The only URL we can’t tie back to No Man’s Land remains the most mysterious...

Hmmm…. People Forgot HAM! It makes all the sense in the world now!

Above: Never foget, people...

Jul 13, 2010

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