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Medal of Honor beta comes to Xbox 360 (a month after PC and PS3)

People who pre-ordered Medal of Honor for the PC or PS3 have been playing an online beta version of the game for a month now, but Xbox 360 users, who were supposed to have the same access, are just now getting into the fray.

Publisher EA has resolved the problems that plagued the Xbox 360 version of the beta, and it has finally gone live today, exactly one month to the date after it was supposed to launch. There was never any word as to what the exact problems were, just a couple of depressing blog posts on the game%26rsquo;sofficial website.

On June 17, the company blogged, %26ldquo;The Medal of Honor beta for the Xbox 360 is delayed, but it is expected to be available next week.%26rdquo; At the end of the following week, still no beta access. Then, on July 1 another blog post: %26ldquo;As for the Xbox 360 version of the beta, we are delayed and we apologize. To the Xbox 360 community, we say thank you for your continued patience.%26rdquo;

Meanwhile, users who pre-ordered the game for the PS3 or PC and got their respective beta codes were having the time of their lives playing through weeks and weeks of the online demo while Xbox fans sat around waiting.

Finally, today, the game%26rsquo;s site was updated with a much more positive blog post: %26ldquo;The Medal of Honor Xbox 360 Beta is now live! %26hellip; We would like to thank our Xbox 360 fans for sticking with us through the delay %26ndash; you guys rock!%26rdquo; Well, they used two exclamation points so it%26rsquo;s hard to stay mad at them. Plus, it is called a beta for a reason; there are bound to be problems otherwise you would be paying for it. It also has not affected the release date for the final version of the game, which still stands at October 12.

So, bottom line, if you%26rsquo;ve been clenching on to your Xbox 360 beta code for the past month, you can finally redeem it will generate another code than can be redeemed on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

There%26rsquo;s even good news for everyone else, as the beta has been extended across all platforms. The beta was supposed to end a couple days ago but since it%26rsquo;s just now up and running on the 360, all beta users will have more time to test it out (EA did not announce a new end date). So it looks like mistakes can sometimes lead to good things, especially if you%26rsquo;re a PS3 or PC gamer%26hellip; in this case, at least.

Jul 21, 2010