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GTA Online Signal Jammers: Where to find and destroy all 50 signal jammers to unlock the hacker

GTA Online Signal Jammers
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Although the GTA Online signal jammers are classed as a collectible, you don't 'collect' them in the traditional sense, as instead you'll need to destroy them to tick them off your list. For every box you find and disable you'll receive a cash and RP reward, but the main benefit for knocking them all out is a casino heist ally who can really help your crew take that big score. You'll need to track down 50 of these transmitters in total, and although they are fairly nondescript black boxes they do emit a beeping noise to help you trace their exact location when close enough, as well as a blinking light that can more easily be spotted if searching around GTA Online at night.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The GTA Online signal jammers locations are often high up on billboards or the sides of buildings, so once you're in the right area you'll normally need to look up to see them. Bringing a sniper rifle with you, or piloting a flying vehicle with attached weapons, should help with damaging the unit enough to put it out of action. If you want to take them all out then read on, and we'll show you where to find all 50 of the GTA Online signal jammers.

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GTA Online Signal Jammers locations

(click to expand map to full size) (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

On the map above we've marked all 50 of the GTA Online signal jammers locations, and for a closer look you should click on the image to expand it to full size. Bear in mind the advice we gave earlier, so if you arrive in one of the areas and can't see or hear the signal jammer then it's probably attached to a structure high up above you, so mark sure you scan the area throughly and if necessary come back in the dark to see if you can see that twinkling light.

Once you've disabled all of the GTA Online signal jammers, you'll unlock the hacker Avi Schwartzman to join the support crew for your Diamond Casino Heist team. They're a great asset to have on board, as their hacking skills can help you overcome security systems and maintain your cover as you attempt to pull off your huge robbery at the casino. Stock up on ammo, pick your favourite vehicle, and get hunting those signal jammer units.

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