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GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go map with all stalls locations

GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go is a mission you receive from Asuka Kasen of the Yakuza, and if you're here reading this then you've probably discovered why it's considered to be one of the toughest missions of the whole GTA series. Even revisiting it through the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition with improved controls does little to soften the blow, as you try to destroy coffee stalls all over the three islands while the Cartel makes their best efforts to ram you off the road, and all against a fairly strict time limit! If you're looking for a GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go map for all of the stalls locations then we've got it here, along with some pointers to give you the best chance of passing the mission.

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GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go map

Click to expand map to full size. (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

There are a total of 9 GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go stalls you need to destroy in order to complete this mission, which can be found in the following locations:

  1. Shoreside Vale: Near the hospital in Pike Creek.
  2. Shoreside Vale: Near the statue at Francis International Airport.
  3. Staunton Island: In a building courtyard in Belleville Park.
  4. Staunton Island: On a path in Belleville Park.
  5. Staunton Island: Near the church in Bedford Point.
  6. Staunton Island: Near the roadside bushes in Bedford Point.
  7. Staunton Island: Near the star statue in Torrington.
  8. Portland Island: By a parking lot in Saint Mark's.
  9. Portland Island: Opposite the docks entrance in Trenton.

Once you destroy the first GTA 3 Espresso 2 Go stall, a countdown timer will start and you'll have 8 minutes of real time to destroy the remaining stands before the Colombians can warn their dealers to clear the streets. Therefore, it makes sense to pick a stall on either Shoreside Vale or Portland Island to start your campaign of destruction with, to minimise the amount of travelling back and forth required while against the clock.

As you progress you'll have a Cartel Cruiser trying to ram you off the road, with gangsters inside carrying uzis, and the Cartel member in the stalls are also armed with uzis or shotguns. One small blessing is that during this mission any other hostile gangs will turn their attention to attacking the Cartel rather than yourself, so at least you don't have them to deal with on top of everything else.

This is a notoriously tough mission, so try to keep your cool and don't be too stressed if it take you a few attempts to get through it. Good luck!

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