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A new team member and a first look at the new issue, there’s a fresh feel around SFX Towers this week

Being a sci-fi mag we’re always looking to the future at SFX , which is why there are few things more exciting around SFX towers than that small window between getting our own finished copies of the latest issue in the office and the day it’s unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Well, maybe one thing because this week we assimilated a new noggin into the SFX hive mind – Mr Rob Power, our new Editorial Assistant, who will become a familiar face across our range of magazines ( SFX , Comic Heroes , the SFX Specials) in no time.

Issue 204 goes on sale up and down the arctic tundra (aka the UK) next Wednesday, though subscribers can expect their copies to pop through the post any day now, and contains your first look at the latest top British telly, including season four of Primeval , season three of Being Human and the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Check back this afternoon for a full rundown of its juicy insides, but if you fancy a free copy of the Avatar Activist Survival Guide with your issue be sure to pick up a copy in ASDA next week.

Back to the new boy though, and Rob is settling in nicely, having just about shaken the feeling someone is going to tell him the offer of a job at SFX was actually an elaborate hoax, and is getting his teeth into his first brace of reviews. He has so far learned there are only so many comics he can fit in his bag, and that it’s impossible to hide baked goods from Nick Setchfield's cake radar.

Jon is downstairs (cue ominous music…) but this week Dave B is nowhere to be seen around SFX Towers because he’s jetted off to Canada for the second time in as many months. FROM THE OFFICE can confirm rumours of a crippling Maple Syrup addiction are greatly exaggerated, however, as the motivation for his trip this week is a geek pilgrimage to videogame developers Bioware to see Dragon Age 2 , a game Dave could only be more excited about if Hawk The Slayer was confirmed as a playable character. We make the odds on him never leaving 50/50.

Dave would also like to remind you that voting for the SFX Sci-fi Awards 2011 closes in a mere 5 days time (that’s Tuesday 14 December date fans), why not head over there now and make sure your voice is heard. And while you’re at it why not order our Doctor Who special , go on, it’s got a free bow tie and everything.

Ian is transcribing an interview with Being Human ’s Toby Whithouse about new online spinoff Becoming Human , whilst desperately struggling to block out the strains of the Rentaghost theme as they bubble up from his subconscious. Don’t be surprised if the resulting news story ends up littered with references to “haunting melodies” and “supernatural ghoulies”. News Editor Guy Haley, meanwhile, was excited to see a comet career over the night sky in Bath. Current office theories: Superman’s escape pod, a Transformer, Elvis returning home.

Putting train woes to the back of his mind, Jordan has been getting all kinds of excited about Misfits after watching the remainder of season two on DVD this week, including the Christmas special, declaring it, “The greatest show on TV!” and it’s mere seven-episode run a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Having said that he is also worryingly eager to watch Resident Evil : Afterlife (for the second time) on Blu-ray for review. He may be the only person in the office prepared to actively campaign for a sequel, unless he’s committed first.

Ade would this week like to send his condolences to the family of regular advertiser and friend John Merry of Merry Cult TV, who sadly passed away this week. Our thoughts are with you, from all of us here at SFX . RIP John.

Random quote of the week:
“Do you think Elton John is a national treasure?”
“Only if we bury him and send Nic Cage to find him.”

Random fact of the week: Russell gives Dave Golder a banana every day to “counter the effect” of his (naughty) cigarette habit. Russell also eats a lot of fruit. A lot of fruit.

Whose boots? (Last week’s answer: those packets of Monster Munch, Logan's Run comics and Fat Boys 7" were dug out of Ian's bottom drawer)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.