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Get a free Nintendo Switch Lite with GamesRadar's exclusive Samsung Galaxy S10 deal

Get a free Nintendo Switch Lite with this exclusive Samsung Galaxy S10 deal
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If you're keen to find a cheap Nintendo Switch deal in time for Christmas and also need to upgrade your phone, you may want to pay attention. Mobile Phones Direct are giving away a free Nintendo Switch Lite when you pick up a Samsung Galaxy S10 contract with 90GB of data, unlimited texts, and unlimited minutes from o2. It'll set you back £49 per month for two years, but there's no up-front cost. What's more, this offer normally comes with just 30GB of data so getting an extra 60GB makes it a cracking bargain. This is also a Future Publishing exclusive, meaning you'll only find it on GamesRadar+ and our sister sites. Because its in honour of Black Friday at the end of November, you're not likely to find anything better before the Black Friday game deals kick in.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + free Nintendo Switch Lite + 90GB data + unlimited texts/minutes | £49pm with o2

Samsung Galaxy S10 + free Nintendo Switch Lite + 90GB data + unlimited texts/minutes | £49pm with o2
This may well be the best phone deal we've seen for a while, not to mention the best Switch offer - both are superb devices that'd normally set you back much more cash. 

Yes, £49 each month may seem a little steep at first. However, it nets you one of the best gaming phones - and a 2019 model - for much less than normal. And the Samsung Galaxy S10 is definitely worth it; we dubbed the Plus version, which is identical other than its larger screen, the 'best Android gaming phone' thanks to its powerful chipset, gorgeous Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display, and wireless powershare. The variety of cameras are excellent, too. What's more, this contract gets you the recently-released Nintendo Switch Lite for absolutely nothing. This leaner, slimmer version has a superior battery life to the original, controllers built into the console itself, and is able to play the same games as well. Although it's handheld-only, that makes it the perfect companion for your morning commute… or the perfect gift for someone else this holiday season. 

There have been a few good Switch offers over the last week or so; as the internet revs up for Nintendo Switch Black Friday discounts, everyone from Amazon to Currys are trying to get in on the action. There's even a cheaper phone contract offer from EE, too - they're giving away a free standard Nintendo Switch or 43" 4K TV with a Samsung A40 or A70 (or a Huawei phone, for that matter). Basically, it's not a bad time to be on the hunt for Nintendo's console.

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