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Pick up a free Nintendo Switch right now with this Black Friday-beating EE phone deal

Pick up a free Nintendo Switch right now with this Black Friday-beating EE phone deal
(Image credit: EE, Samsung, Toshiba, Nintendo)

The end-of-year mega sales season is almost upon us and that means the inevitable shower of cheap mobile phone deals with free gifts, including cheap Nintendo Switch deals. And this early offering from EE might just be an early Black Friday beater and genuinely one of best Nintendo Switch bundles we're likely to see. The mobile provider is currently offering a range of Samsung and Huawei phone contracts that come with a free Nintendo Switch or 43" Toshiba 4K TV. This is undoubtedly one of the best and cheapest ways to get a Switch right now considering how they stubbornly hold their price of £300 or more. As such, getting one or the other for nothing along with your new phone contract - which are pretty decent in and of themselves, by the way - is very tempting indeed. It's likely to be the best discount we see this side of the Nintendo Switch Black Friday reductions. If the TV is more up your street, then this will still save you a bunch of pounds as the best gaming TVs will always be a bit of a layout.

These cheap mobile deals are wonders when they come just in time for Christmas. Firstly, this is a great avenue through which to treat yourself to that Switch you've been eyeing up and tying it to a phone contract you'd likely have to get anyway (if you can time your upgrade for around this time of year, you can really clean up and get a lot of bang for your buck). Equally, either one, or both, could be designated as a gift for a family or friend for Christmas Day! They are terrific and quite flexible ways to get two tech items nailed down in time for the festive season.

Back to this deal, however. In terms of contract particulars, you'll get a terrific combo that makes this mobile phone free gift deal hard to pass up on. Each contract comes with unlimited minutes and texts, and most give you 10GB of data per month to play with. All that and the monthly cost varies between £28-£59 a month, which is largely reasonable.

Best phone deal today

Samsung phones + free Nintendo Switch OR 43" Toshiba TV
There's a variety of Samsung handsets available to you if you need an upgrade, and most will bag you that delicious free gift.View Deal

Huawei phones + free Nintendo Switch OR 43" Toshiba TV
Huawei devices are consistently good, and often great for mobile gaming, but getting a free Nintendo Switch or TV is always going to turn heads.View Deal

The devices on offer with these mobile phone free gift deal are the Samsung Galaxy A40, A70, and A80, and the Huawei P Smart 2019, Huawei P30 Pro, and Huawei P30 Lite. Although none of these would win top gong for the best gaming phone, they're solid choices that'll serve you well. If we were to recommend any of the phones if pushed, we'd probably go for one of the Samsung models: Huawei handsets are good but it's  increasingly difficult to recommend them given the company's public falling out with Google. The Samsung Galaxy A-range is the company's more affordable line of phones, but they still pack great cameras, fairly powerful tech, and plenty of screen-space. For example, the A70 features three cameras and a 6.7" HD+ display. That's not bad going for £39 a month, and we're unlikely to see anything better until the Black Friday game deals kick in at the end of November.

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