Fortnite Golden Balloons locations - where to pop the golden balloons for the Season 7 Week 9 challenge

If you've been paying attention to the changes happening during Fortnite Season 7, you may well have noticed a number of silver balloons appearing around the island recently. At first they looked like they were just a decorative addition, but with the launch of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Week 9 they have now turned into Fortnite golden balloons and have a new purpose. For one of these challenges you need to pop 10 golden balloons, so we're going to show you exactly where you have to go to find them. Bear in mind that these Fortnite golden balloons are visible to all players in a match and are persistent, meaning if someone else pops one before you get to it then it won't appear at that location again for the rest of the round. Check out our video above or read on, and you'll be bursting those shiny balloons in no time.

Fortnite Golden Balloon Locations

Although you only need to pop 10 golden balloons, there are actually 21 Fortnite golden balloons in total spread across the island. We've marked them all on the map above, and these are the locations you're looking for if you need any further guidance on where to find them:

  • G2 - on a rock near the north coast
  • B2 - on the roof of a Haunted Hills crypt
  • D2 - inside the Motel sign
  • I2/J2 - on top of the editable building
  • J3 - by the precarious flatbed hanging off the cliff
  • E4 - on a sunken boat to the east side of Loot Lake
  • F5/G5 - on top of the middle structure in Dusty Divot
  • H5 - on a pylon south of the container storage
  • B6 - in a campsite on the hill east of the viking village
  • F6 - on a bench behind the blue house in Salty Springs
  • I6 - on the wooden bear statue southeast of Retail Row
  • D7/D8 - in a large tree on the mountain south of Shifty Shafts
  • A8 - on the sign at the Frosty Flights runway
  • G8 - on a wooden windmill in the middle of Fatal Fields
  • J8 - in the abandoned farm field east of Paradise Palms
  • B9 - in Trogg's underground cave cabin
  • H9 - on a boat in the desert biome oasis
  • F10 - on the cliff edge southwest of Lucky Landing
  • G4 - in a broken tower in Tomato Temple
  • D5 - on a blue car in the northwest of Tilted Towers
  • I9 - on the arm of the T-Rex sculpture south of Paradise Palms

And that's everything you need to know - pop 10 golden balloons and the weekly challenge is complete, netting you five Battle Stars for your efforts.

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