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Five-star adventure board game Gloomhaven has fallen to its lowest ever price

Five-star adventure board game Gloomhaven has fallen to its lowest ever price
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Our favorite dungeon-delving board game, Gloomhaven, has tumbled back down to a record low price just in time for the Holiday season. More specifically, it's fallen by 39% to $84.99 at Amazon in the USA (reduced from $140). The last time we saw that discount was during Black Friday, and it sold out incredibly quickly. With that in mind, we'd recommend picking up this offer fast if you've been toying with the idea of diving into the fantasy epic - which you should, considering how it's one of the best board games on shelves right now.

We wouldn't count on it dropping in cost any further, either. This is the lowest price we've ever seen for Gloomhaven, and it's never dipped below that point since its 2017 launch. 

Casting players as mercenaries trying to carve out a living in the grimy - and aptly named - city of Gloomhaven, this massive board game for adults has you seeking your fortune across a branching storyline that changes depending on your actions. Much like the recently announced Jurassic World board game, it uses 'legacy' mechanics that give consequences for your choices.

Leery of spending that much?  The smaller Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion game has tumbled to $31.99 instead of $49.99 at Amazon.

Today's best Gloomhaven deals

Gloomhaven | $139.99

Gloomhaven | $139.99 $84.99 at Amazon
Save 39% - This is easily one of the most talked-about board games of the last few years, and we've never seen it cheaper than this. A $55 drop in price is incredibly rare, and it always sells out fast, so act quickly if you want to secure the deal ahead of the Holidays.
UK deal - £149.99 £104.17 at Amazon

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion | $49.99

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion | $49.99 $31.99 at Amazon
Save 36% - This entry-level version of Gloomhaven is a more focused experience, but it's no less awesome. It's also fallen back to its Black Friday price, so this one's a good alternative if you didn't want to spend quite so much on the full game.
UK deal - £42.50 at Amazon (no discount)

As we pointed out in our full Gloomhaven review, few adventure board games can match this one for scale and ambition. Besides providing months of gameplay thanks to a sprawling narrative that evolves with you, it allows players to unlock new characters as they go for a fresh challenge. Basically, it's a great introduction to the sort of gameplay you get in the best tabletop RPGs or Dungeons and Dragons books.

If you go for this one and enjoy the experience, it's worth noting that a sequel - Frosthaven - is also due next year. Because it's compatible with the characters from Gloomhaven, you can continue their story into this new setting if you'd prefer.

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