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Destiny 2 Bound Manacle: How to find the Gatehouse and finish the Essence of Insanity

(Image credit: Bungie)

The new Destiny 2 Bound Manacle collectible is hidden away in the Gatehouse area of the Hellmouth, but unlike most Essence items, you can't just walk up and grab it. Instead, you'll have to kill a mini-boss of sorts. So, we've prepared a short guide showing how to find the Destiny 2 Bound Manacle so you can finish your Essence of Insanity. 

How to find the Gatehouse 

The Gatehouse isn't too deep into the Hellmouth, and if you've done any other Essences, you're probably sprinted through it several times already. From the Sorrow's Harbor landing zone, head southwest and hang a right, then take the nearest entrance to the Hellmouth. You'll pass by a group of Acolytes, then another group of Acolytes in a room filled with spires, and then come to a more ornate chamber. 

This is all technically the Gatehouse, but this chamber is what you're looking for. Provided you have the Essence of Insanity on your, inside you'll find a yellow-bar Hive Knight with a fancy name. Kill him and you'll automatically collect the Bound Manacle. We discovered this by chance while exploring, so we weren't able to replicate it for the GIF above, so just trust us that the Knight will be there. 

Voila! Your Essence of Insanity is ready to go and the Love and Death grenade launcher awaits. It's especially worth grinding this Essence, as grenade launchers are still top-tier for DPS, and Love and Death can roll with rare and potent perk combinations. 

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