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Cyber Week Pokemon deals 2019

Cyber Week Pokemon deals 2019
(Image credit: Nintendo)
Nintendo Switch Cyber Week deals

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Cyber Week
If you fancy picking up the Nintendo console for yourself, we've got the best offers going right here.

Thought the Cyber Week Pokemon deals were over? Think again. After all, you still gotta catch ‘em all – from games, to plushies, and more – down below. There are plenty of savings to be had and Pikachus to be bought. Plus, if you missed out on Pokemon Sword and Shield, there’s never been a better time to enter the eight generation on Nintendo Switch. It’s the cheapest it’s ever been.

But just to restate the point: these Cyber Week Pokemon deals won’t be around forever. Cyber Monday is technically over and, while some discounts still remain at the likes of Walmart and Amazon, once they’re gone, they’re gone. That even includes a hardcover strategy guide for Pokemon Sword and Shield – it’s out today and has already been reduced for Cyber Week. For under $25 you not only get a step-by-step companion to your adventures in the Galar region, but also a beautiful book in its own right, one you’ll want to re-visit again and again. It’s one of my favourite Cyber Week game deals – and will be yours too.

Want more offers? Don't forget to check out these Cyber Week board game deals or the vast array of Cyber Week Lego deals. We've stacked those pages with as many offers as we can, and more are sure to turn up between now and the sale's end.

Best Cyber Week Pokemon Sword and Shield deals

If you've not yet grabbed the latest Pokemon adventures, now's your chance - they're seeing some great reductions thanks to Cyber Week. Our clever bargain-hunting software below will get you the latest and greatest offers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Bundle | $104.95 at Walmart (save $15)
Why choose between Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield when you could have both? The bundle ordinarily retails for $120, so you'd be saving close to 15% on this deal.View Deal

Best Cyber Week Pokemon accessories

Pokemon Sword & Shield: The Official Galar Region Strategy Guide: Collector's Edition pre-order | $23.99 at Amazon (was $39.99)
This isn't just a guide book, it's a deluxe, hardcover collector's edition with extra concept artwork. Out today!View Deal

Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Kanto Evolutions skin and screen protector set| $13.99 at Amazon (was $19.99)
Get this great Kanto Evolution Switch skin and screen protector set for just $13.99 and give Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur some love.View Deal

Best Cyber Week Pokemon toys and plushies

12" Detective Pikachu Talking Plush | just $12.99 at Walmart (was $40)
It's a talking Detective Pikachu with two different voice modes (Ryan Reynolds and Pika Pika?). A great deal for any fan of the film, or Pikachu wearing a detective cap. View Deal

4.5" Battle Ash and 2" Pikachu | $12 at Amazon (save 8%)
Launch Pikachu into battle with this awesome Ash and Pikachu toy from Wicked Cool Toys.View Deal

10" Flopping Magikarp Plush | $27.99 at Amazon
You can't have a Magikarp plush that doesn't flop - it would be devoid of the true essence of Magikarp. A touch sensor lets this fish flop, wiggle, and shake. Instant laughs.View Deal