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Every Modern Warfare story detail, level and character we got from our time at Infinity Ward

Post E3 2019 we've got a few new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare story details including a new CIA character called Alex, and further information on Sargent Garrick, an ex-soldier in the counter terrorism unit that join Captain Price. Coming up we've gathered all the information we currently have on characters, locations and levels in the new Modern Warfare reboot. We'll update it as we know more and continue to piece it all together. 


The Piccadilly level appears to be a precipitator for the main story. In it, an al-Qaeda terrorist cell is intercepted at Piccadilly Circus by a combined police and SAS team. The bad guys are pulled out of their cars at gunpoint in traffic, but in the chaos a van drives forwards a few yards and detonates. The teaser-heavy glimpse I saw of the aftermath seemed to show a shootout in Piccadilly Circus involving a secondary terrorist attack in the streets of London following the bomb. This level focuses on a playable character called Sargent Kyle Gerrick, an ex-British Army soldier now a policeman in the counter-terrorism unit. As a direct result of what happens here and in the Townhouse level - resulting from his intel on the al-Qaeda terrorist cell - it appears he then goes on to join Captain Price.


The aftermath of the Piccadilly bombing leads Captain Price and three SAS teams to a townhouse in London near a railway line. It’s apparently on the intel of a Sargent Garrick, who’s possibly the playable character. The level involves moving from floor to floor in the house identifying and taking down the terrorists inside, using night vision goggles to gain an advantage. Some initial terrorists, shot but not immediately killed, are then executed with follow up headshots. A man apparently takes a woman hostage but after he’s killed she reaches for a gun and is shot as well. After one of the SAS soldiers is hit by blindfire through a wall, the player can use a shotgun found in the level to blow a hole in a door and throw a grenade through. Several enemies are shot through doors and one is shot while hiding under a bed. As the team move up the stairs, a voice can be heard yelling ‘use the child’ and in one room a woman pulls a baby from a cot and holds it up in front of her. The intention is unclear. In the attic of the house, there's an encounter with a woman who claims to be a hostage but is shot as she reaches for a detonator. At the end of the level, Captain Price confirms to the player that the intel was correct and that they have a lead on a terrorist leader known as the Wolf, and some stolen Russian gas. 


This level is flashback in the fictional country of Ursekstan. Set 20 years in the past, it shows two freedom fighter commanders, a brother and sister called Haider and Farah (in the picture up there), who will later fight alongside Captain Price’s Tier 1 team. In the flashback, they’re children. Children caught in an attack by a Russian general called Barkov, who is attempting to quash a terrorist presence. It starts with Farah buried under rubble and banging on sheet metal for rescue. She’s pulled clear by a fictional version of the White Helmets, (the Syria Civil Defence) and reunited with her father. As the two sneak their way home, they see Russian soldiers executing civilians in the street as a gas attack begins. Once home a Russian soldier breaks into the house and kills the father. Farah then uses a screwdriver and some floor-level wall vents to sneak around and kill the soldier with the eventual help of Haider. Together, the two sneak through the town observing more shootings and gas victims before they reach a Russian motorpool. The level ends with Farah finding a revolver and struggling to lift it as she shoots an approaching soldier. 

Additional levels 

There are two other levels revealed by Infinity Ward during presentations and tech demos. ‘Highway’ appears to show a sandy mountainous road winding through a middle eastern village, presumably in the fictional Ursekstan. It was shown off as part of a demonstration of the game’s use of photogrammetry to scan real world props and environments, and includes an area of real life coastline scanned using a drone.

A demonstration of geometry rendering also revealed an Embassy Riot level. The location isn’t clear but there are palm trees suggesting it’s Ursekstan, or another middle eastern country. A level involving a drone operator was always shown while showing a new thermal rendering system. It’s unclear whether this is a player controlled drone or a tool, with talk of the drone operator collecting intel on a night time mission. The image appeared to show a small airfield under attack, with trucks pulling up to a series of small hangers. 

Additional characters

We now know about a US soldier called 'Alex', who was revealed at E3 2019 and is up there in the picture). We're going to put his name in quotes for now because there was a lot of talk about him being in the CIA and allusions to his second name being secret - either for the narrative of the game, or because it's a name we might recognise. He's a CIA Special Activities Division officer assigned to and embedded with Farah, the freedom fighter in Ursekstan.

Colonel Norris was another character also mentioned briefly while talking about the rebel commanders Farah and Haider. He’s in some way pivotal to how they became freedom fighters but is compared to Modern Warfare 2’s villain General Shepherd, suggesting he may be an antagonist. There's also an unnamed policeman initially seen in a cutscene coordinating with the SAS, later revealed as a playable character in the reveal trailer. 

And that, currently, is everything we know about Modern Warfare’s story, levels and characters. As we find out more we’ll update this and hopefully the full story should be clear soon. 

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