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Modern Warfare Operators: How to unlock all of them

If you're planning on hitting up the multiplayer arena, then having a selection of Modern Warfare Operators available will help to keep things fresh for you. Operators replace the Specialists and Combat Rigs seen in other recent titles, and although they don't have any additional abilities in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that could affect gameplay, they do give you different appearance and customisation options as well as unique dialogue and executions to perform.

If you want to unlock Modern Warfare Operators then you'll have to complete a series of challenges that span the main campaign, multiplayer modes, and co-op missions. We've outlined the requirements below for how to add all 18 Modern Warfare Operators to your roster, so you can see exactly what you need to do in order to increase your squad. Note that this doesn't include the All Ghillied Up, Crew Expendable, and War Pig Operators that are only available as a Call of Duty Modern Warfare pre-order bonus.

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Modern Warfare Operators: Coalition Faction

The Modern Warfare Operator unlocks available for the Coalition Faction belong to either the SAS, Warcom, or Demon Dogs special forces.

  • SAS:
  • Thorne - Complete the Piccadilly Campaign Mission
  • Charly - Play 25 Public Matches
  • Otter - Complete Operation: Paladin in Western Verdansk

  • Warcom:
  • Domino - Win 5 matches of Gunfight
  • Golem - Complete Operation: Kuvalda in Eastern Verdansk
  • Wyatt - Complete The Wolf's Den Campaign Mission

  • Demon Dogs:
  • D-Day - Complete the Hunting Party Campaign Mission
  • Alice - Complete Operation: Headhunter in Downtown Verdansk
  • Raines - Get 500 LMG Kills in Multiplayer

Modern Warfare Operators: Allegiance Faction

The Modern Warfare Operator unlocks available for the Allegiance Faction belong to either the Spetsnaz, Jackals, or Chimera special forces.

  • Spetsnaz:
  • Minotaur - Get 300 Assault Rifle Kills in Multiplayer
  • Bale - Complete the Into the Furnace Campaign Mission
  • Rodion - Complete Operation: Paladin in Western Verdansk

  • Jackals:
  • Azur - Complete the Old Comrades Campaign Mission
  • Grinch - Get 100 Headshots in Multiplayer
  • Zane - Complete all the given Co-Op Operations in Verdansk

  • Chimera:
  • Yegor - Complete the Proxy War Campaign Mission
  • Kreuger - Execute 25 Finishing Moves
  • Syd - Kill 5 Juggernauts in any Co-Op Mission

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