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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle pass has been delayed until December

Call of Duty Supply Drops
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may already be out in the wild, but publisher Activision and developer Infinity Ward has big plans for this year's iteration of the multiplayer shooter series, including a seasonal approach to post-launch content that takes inspiration from Fortnite's popular battle pass progression system. 

Speaking in a Quarterly Earnings report earlier this week (via CharlieIntel), Activision stated that the already confirmed Battle Pass content for Modern Warfare, which replaces the franchise's recent flirtation with loot boxes, is launching in December, "slightly later than originally planned."

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(Image credit: Activision)

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That minor delay will come as sour news for vested players, but Infinity Ward is already making good on its promise to keep Modern Warfare's multiplayer fresh, dropping two new maps alongside Hardpoint mode into the game today, completely free of charge. 

Activision has already promised that the upcoming Battle Pass system will "allow players to see the content that they are earning or buying [and] launch timed to new, post-launch live seasons, so you can unlock cool new Modern Warfare-themed content that matches each season."

Until the Battle Pass does drop, however, it's entirely possible that Modern Warfare will see a juicy price drop in the Black Friday game deals of 2019, so keep an eye out on GamesRadar in the coming days and weeks for any word of an irresistible offer. 

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