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Bungie on Destiny 2's combat: "We want to lean more into the MMORPG elements that make Destiny special"

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2's Season of Dawn is well underway, and apart from the release of the Sundial and the return of Saint-14, everyone in the Tower is talking about the Charged with Light mechanic tied to some of the new mods. According to community manager David 'Deej' Dague, this is exactly the sort of MMORPG-style mechanic that Bungie wants to explore in the future.

"We want to lean more into the MMORPG elements that make Destiny special," Dague says. "We definitely listen to the community reminisce about their favourite player mechanics, and season over season we have the opportunity to look at the combat meta and think about how it should evolve and how it should progress. Part of this is based on community conversation, part of this is based on our own fond memories of playing the game." 

The Charged with Light mods allow players to build stacks of a Light buff and then spend them on special abilities and bonuses, from enhanced damage to refunded ammo. Interestingly, some of the more powerful mods force players to sacrifice some of their stats (Intellect, Discipline, etc.), whereas most mods are strictly beneficial. 

These mods open up character building in a cool way, allowing you to trade pure stats - the effects of which aren't always apparent in moment-to-moment gameplay - in exchange for more impactful abilities that can shape your play style. Likewise, accumulating and rationing stacks of Light really does remind me of some of the classes available in games like Black Desert Online and Final Fantasy 14. A few short years ago, comparing Destiny 2 to a conventional tab-target MMO would've been unthinkable, but it's clear that Bungie is getting more comfortable with more complex combat mechanics. It'll be interesting to see how future seasonal and Artifact mods, as well as base abilities, build on the premise of Charged with Light. 

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