How to complete Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges

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More Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges have arrived for the second and final Iron Banner Crucible event of Season of the Seraph, bringing the Fortress mode back and classic Destiny 1 armor. As usual, you’ll need to play a lot of matches using a particular Subclass type throughout the course of the event to complete all four challenges per character. Completing a challenge gets you a Pinnacle gear drop and an Iron Banner Rank boost, helping you get even more themed Destiny 2 gear from Lord Saladin. Here’s what you need to know about this season’s Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges and how to complete them.

How to find Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges

For the current Destiny 2 Season 19 Iron Banner event, you need to complete an increasing number of Iron Banner matches while using a Void or Stasis Subclass for each daily challenge.

  • Complete 3 Iron Banner matches using a Void or Stasis Subclass
  • Complete 4 more Iron Banner matches using a Void or Stasis Subclass
  • Complete 5 more Iron Banner matches using a Void or Stasis Subclass
  • Complete 6 more Iron Banner matches using a Void or Stasis Subclass

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season of the Seraph challenges

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With progress carrying over from each challenge, you’ll only need to complete 18 matches in total. You can find out how many matches you’ve played and what stage you’re at in the Iron Banner daily challenges by opening the Destinations page, selecting The Crucible, and then hovering your cursor over the Iron Banner activity node. This’ll bring up the information box, sharing all the details on the challenges. Select the Iron Banner node and you can check out match rules for Fortress and your Rank boost multiplier too.

To get more Iron Banner daily challenges, you’ll automatically receive a new one with the daily reset for the first four days of an Iron Banner event – that’s from the Destiny 2 weekly reset on Tuesday to Friday. Confusingly, they are marked as ‘Weekly’ challenges and don’t expire until the end of the Iron Banner event on the following Tuesday. It's also important to note that these Iron Banner daily challenges, their rewards, and the Forging Iron quest are character-based, not account-based, so you can complete everything on your other characters too.

Iron Banner daily challenge rewards

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Lord Saladin vendor screen

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Rose is here

Destiny 2 rose hand cannon back for season 19

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Jump into the revamped Competitive mode and complete your placement matches to get the Destiny 2 Rose Hand Cannon

Once you’ve completed a daily challenge, which you will need to do as part of the Forging Iron introduction quest for Iron Banner, you’ll get your rewards: a Pinnacle Iron Banner loot drop, which will help you reach this season’s power cap of 1590, and a 50% boost to your Iron Banner Rank gains. Complete all four challenges per character to in each Iron Banner event to significantly increase your rank gains. Boost them even more by using up to 5 pieces of Iron Banner gear – that’s any Iron Banner weapon, armor piece, or armor ornament – and any Iron Banner emblem. If you wear a piece of Iron Banner armor with a different Iron Banner ornament on top, this counts as two pieces of gear.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner revamp

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Be sure to check in with Lord Saladin at the Tower to collect rewards and Iron Banner Engrams as you rank up too – Season of the Seraph introduced the reprised Dark Decider Auto Rifle and Gunnora’s Axe slug Shotgun, as well as the fan-favorite Iron Banner armor from Destiny The Taken King.

While proving yourself in the new Fortress game mode is important, don’t forget to jump into other Season of the Seraph activities, such as the Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher Dungeon or Operation Seraph Shield for the Destiny 2 Revision Zero Exotic quest.

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