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Black Friday Lego deals 2021 - score some bargains on brick-based gifts

Black Friday Lego deals
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The Black Friday Lego deals are still a few months away, but the sales event of the year will quickly be upon us. To prepare you for the chaos of those Holiday bargains, we've listed a few tips (not to mention early discounts) right here.

Now, we know what you're thinking: this is normally time for the best Black Friday laptop deals, or TV offers to shine (heck, we might even get lucky and find you some Black Friday PS5 deals). And yes, that's true. But hold on. Even though Black Friday isn't traditionally associated with toys, it's home to some excellent block-building price cuts nonetheless. There are reductions on everything from Star Wars to Marvel kits throughout the Black Friday Lego deals, so you can scoop up some of the best Lego sets for less if you're fast.

Black Friday Lego retailers to watch this year

Black Friday Lego deals - FAQs

Black Friday Lego deals

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When do the Black Friday Lego deals start?

This year's Black Friday Lego deals officially take place on November 26, and they'll be followed immediately by the Cyber Monday sales on November 29. However, don't think the offers will be limited to that weekend. Black Friday is a weeks-long event now, and it starts much earlier - and lasts longer - than you'd expect. If last year is anything to go by, it'll keep trucking on for a few days after the actual 'Black Friday' is finished (though its deals quickly start to run out of steam).

While some of the best discounts are held back until Black Friday itself, the reductions that rear their heads beforehand are still worth considering. They include everything from stocking fillers to larger Lego kits that take days to finish, so it's a good time to strike if you want easy gifts ahead of Christmas.

What will the best Black Friday Lego deals be?

There are always plenty of offers flying around in November, but the best and most popular Black Friday Lego deals are usually from a galaxy far, far away. As an example, 'Lego Star Wars' and 'Lego Millennium Falcon' are some of the most searched Black Friday terms from last year according to our keyword research.

Because Lego and Star Wars have been partners in crime for decades (since 1999 and the days of The Phantom Menace, in fact), they've racked up a fair few kits. Many of these are eye-poppingly expensive, so their popularity during the Black Friday sale is understandable. The UK has a particularly good case-in-point; Aldi cut the Millennium Falcon's price by a ridiculous 60% last year, and this sold out within minutes. With that in mind, keeping an eye on social media trends - and supermarkets, if you live in ol' Blighty - is a very good idea.

Black Friday Lego deals

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While it's rarely a devastating reduction, pricier items like the Ultimate Collector range (including the Imperial Star Destroyer, AT-AT, and beyond) also get a healthy amount shaved off their cost during the Black Friday Lego deals. These items don't normally dip below their MSRP/RRP and will be snapped up fast as a result, so it's worth bookmarking any you've got your eye on and monitoring them throughout the sales event - particularly the Millennium Falcon. Don't hesitate if you see them receive a discount, as you probably won't get another chance for months.

This is especially true of new kits like the Mos Eisley Cantina. It launched within the past year after Black Friday 2020 had already wrapped up, so this is the first real opportunity for a discount.

Where will I find the best Black Friday Lego deals?

Although the usual suspects like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy will be going all in on Black Friday Lego deals this year, don't discount the official Lego site. 2020 saw a very healthy 20% knocked off many sets on its store, including the highly sought-after Friends Central Perk kit. has some exclusive items you won't find anywhere else as well, so having a nose through its wares this November is a must.

Supermarkets are also a great place to go deals-hunting, and some of their offers are better than anything else you'll see. UK shops in particular get some excellent Black Friday Lego deals; as we mentioned before, Aldi sliced a whopping 60% off the Millennium Falcon last year. Have a look online or in person when the 2021 sales begin in case we get more hot discounts.

Lego sets to look out for this Black Friday

Black Friday Lego deals

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Almost every set gets a discount during the Black Friday Lego deals, but there are some kits that are going to turn heads more than others. The Millennium Falcon we mentioned earlier is a prime example.

To give you an idea of what to shoot for, we've included the kits we think are going to be hot stuff this year. Watch these like a hawk during the sale.

Today's best Lego deals

Black Friday Lego deals

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Fortunately, you don't have to wait until the Black Friday Lego deals to start saving; there are some good discounts floating about right now. We've listed some of the best ones below, as a treat (you're welcome). These are live right now, so if you see a tempting reduction, don't feel you have to wait until Black Friday itself kick in. A discount is a discount, right?

Naturally, Black Friday Lego deals aren't the only worthwhile offers to keep an eye on. The sales event is famous for discounts on the best gaming TVs, not to mention the best gaming laptops. You can also get some cracking Black Friday board game deals and Dungeons and Dragons Black Friday offers, so watch out for those this November.

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