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Black Friday graphics card deals 2021: will there be GPU stock in November?

RTX 3080
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Black Friday graphics card deals are definitely going to be one of the more interesting things to keep an eye on when the sales event arrives. Anyone who has tried to keep up with RTX 30-series restocks in the past year or so will know that stock, at least for its MSRP, is almost non-existent online or otherwise.

With that said, is there any chance that the best graphics cards will appear in stock ready for Black Friday? Given the track record, and the scarcity seen for 12 months straight, it’s unlikely - but not impossible. 

We personally wouldn't hold our breath in anticipation for a fresh supply of RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 cards at retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. What is interesting, however, is the concept that we could be seeing RTX 20-series GPUs reach historic low prices. Of course, given the current demand for video cards at the moment, much of this remains to be seen.

That’s to say nothing of the AMD Radeon RX 6000 line of GPUs, which launched at a similar time to Nvidia’s newest video card line. Availability issues have plagued the tech world throughout the entirety of the pandemic, and it’s likely that any ‘deals’ available will simply be fresh stock.

The best way to get your hands on the RTX 30-series or Radeon 6000 line is by purchasing a pre-built machine from a reputable brand or boutique builder, especially given the current rates on GPUs from some secondary sources and even the bigger retailers. That’s right, it isn’t unusual to see these graphics cards on sale for 2x their recommended manufacturer price, hence why Black Friday gaming PC deals may be a better proposition this year.

RTX 3060

(Image credit: Nvidia)

When will the Black Friday graphics card deals start?

Black Friday is slated for November 26 this year. As touched upon above, however, no restocks have, as of yet, been promised or guaranteed by any major GPU manufacturers (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.) or card creators (Nvidia and AMD) at this current point in time. It remains to be seen what stock will be available nearer the time, and even more interestingly, whether or not said GPU stock will feature discounts in any way, shape, or form. 

Where will the best Black Friday graphics card deals be?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have concrete evidence as to which online retailers will have RTX 30-series and AMD Radeon RX 6000-line restocks available in time for Black Friday 2021. That isn't to count out the previously released generations that could reach historically low prices for the first time since the major manufacturing shortages began. 

We'll be rounding up any stock drops that do take place during Black Friday graphics card deals right here, but these are the retailers we'd recommend keeping a close eye on.

Average prices on current generation RTX and GTX graphics cards
Best Buy: Decent prices available on latest AMD Radeon generation GPUs  
Newegg: Little in the way of discounts or savings, but RTX-30 stock is in
Walmart: Limited supply with a focus on entry-level and mid-tier cards

Fair prices on some RTX 20-series and older GPU models
eBuyer: Decent, if still over-the-odds, rates on RTX 30-series cards
Currys: Expected prices on AMD Radeon 6000-series and RTX CPUs
Laptops Direct: Minor savings on AMD Radeon and older Nvidia GPUs
CCL Computers: Fairer rates on RTX and GTX graphics cards than most

Black Friday GPU deals: what to expect

For anyone hoping that the RTX 30-series or latest AMD Radeon 6000 RX models will appear this Black Friday, we may have some sobering news for you. Last year, the best graphics card deals around were on RTX 20-series cards and entry-level video cards such as the GTX 1660 Ti, and even then the discounts weren't too deep. 

In terms of what to expect from Black Friday GPU deals this time, our best advice is to not get too excited or hopeful regarding that fabled RTX 3060 or RTX 3080 that you've been waiting to slide into your system. Chances are that restocks aren't going to happen and the prices that are being demanded online won't be much (if any) better than what's around at the moment. 

It's difficult to find graphics cards hovering around their supposed MSRPs at larger retailers right now - and that's not only limited to the ultra-elusive RTX30-Series either. Availability will be our first hurdle in this year's Black Friday GPU deals before we even start considering discounts on high-end or even mid-tier video cards.

Our best advice is to get to this year's offers early and keep in touch with retailers on social media for any chance of securing a splash of stock in November. However, you'll be far more likely to find a great price on an RTX gaming PC or laptop in 2021's holiday sales. It might be worth, then, focusing your search on pre-built options that can offer better value this year. 

Another great way of getting your desired GPU for less is through Black Friday laptop deals. What's more, take that action to the big screen with some great Black Friday gaming monitor deals, and sit in comfort with Black Friday gaming chair deals to complete your setup. 

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