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Black Friday 8K TV deals 2021 - what to expect this year

Black Friday 8K TV deals: LG QNED TV
(Image credit: LG)

Black Friday 8K TV deals will be the most affordable way to really future-proof your entertainment station for quite a while, so if you've been thinking of taking the leap from 4K, now's the time to start looking around. While 8K TVs were absurdly expensive in their early days on the market, they're a lot more affordable these days, though clearly still a premium option.

Without any games that support 8K, these Black Friday 8K TV deals are really for folks looking to get ahead of the curve for less. Right now, any of the best 4K 120Hz TVs (via HDMI 2.1) and most of the best gaming TVs generally will look just as good playing new-gen games, but when developers inevitably start building games for 8K TVs, you'll be ready and waiting with the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X possible. 

As you might expect, it's the massive resolution bump that will give 8K screens an obvious edge over even the best QLED TVs and best OLED TVs with 4K screens, but again, most content caps out at 4K right now, so an 8K set is anything but necessary at the moment.

That said, if you want the best of the best for years to come, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself with a Black Friday 8K TV deal, especially since you'll be saving money with this guide. Image quality on these sets is second to none, and you won't need to upgrade your setup again for a long, long time. Regardless, have a look through these deals to see if anything tempts you into the future of TV tech.

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Where will the best Black Friday 8K TV deals be?

We'll be doing a grand job of rounding up the best Black Friday 8K TV deals right here but it's likely to be all the usual suspects playing the game, and offering price cuts again. These are the go-to retailers we recommend having a poke about in now, and on the big day.

the go-to retailer for everything will have a selection of 8K TV deals
Best Buy: often price matches, and is also one of the bigger stockers of 8K TVs
Samsung: go straight to the makers of some of the best 8K beasts
Newegg: always worth a look when on the hunt for televisions
a smaller selection compared to others but always a reliable retailer

always a safe bet to be your go-to stop for 8K TVs
Samsung: visit the makers of those sweet, sweet NeoQLED 8K TVs directly
Very: always a strong retailer for TVs
a will be one of the largest stockers of 8K TVs this year
Box: has a great selection and loads of filters to help narrow down your search

When will the Black Friday 8K TV deals start?

The best deals are likely to happen on Black Friday itself: Friday, November 26 so this is the date for the calendar and for the reminders on your phone. However, we all know that retailers try and go earlier and earlier to outdo each other, and this will probably be the case again this year, so we think your best bet is to be prepared from late October onwards.

Black Friday 8K TV deals: what we expect to see

Generally, the Black Friday 8K TV deals are the best way to consider a TV of this magnitude every year. Given the leap forward in tech you're getting, and the fact that it's mainly for the future, getting an 8K TV for its lowest price over the course of a year is surely, objectively the best time. As a result, we will see lower than ever prices as retailers try and tempt folks who may be on the fence about coming down to 8K land.

The lowest ever prices on their own, however, are just kind of expected. But, now that the tech is here to stay, manufacturers of 8K TVs are regularly releasing new lines and series alongside their flagship 4K screens. And that's the case this year too: Samsung, LG, and Sony - the three big players - have models from this year's or last year's lines which are riper than ever for the picking. All of these models, particularly Samsung's new NeoQLED 8K TVs, have already been subject to price cuts across the year so we're in for some exquisitely low Black Friday 8K TV deals and prices.

This is also fine news for those slightly older 8K TVs, who fall a little further down the line in terms of 'being contemporary' but remain quality picks. Screens like the Samsung Q700T or Q950TS are very likely to see low prices as the brand looks to its newer models to lead the line henceforth.

Black Friday 8K TV deals: LG QNED TV: Samsung QN900A

(Image credit: Samsung)

Today's best deals

As I mention above, though, some 8K TVs are already subject to price cuts, and that could very well include right now! These could be indicators of the direction of travel that next month's Black Friday 8K TV deals are going to go in, and they'll also be a good reference point - and they might even reveal a worthy price right now for you to jump on...

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