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The best Call of Duty merch to blast your bank balance

It’s that time of year again! Call of Duty WW2 is here, putting boots on its roots, and taking the franchise back to the ground. Or whatever. The point is, the new COD has arrived and it’s damn good, thanks to an inventive story mode, a streamlining of multiplayer, and some smart social features. It's easily one of the best Call of Duty games. For some, though, that simply isn’t enough. True Call of Duty fans want to wear their allegiance on their sleeves (quite literally, in some cases), and fill their homes with some of the coolest merch and gifts money can buy. If you want to go beyond the game with your COD passion - be that for WW2, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 or even (haha) Ghosts - check out these essential pieces of merchandise. And if you’re looking for more offers for Christmas, check out our best Cyber Monday gaming deals

Call of Duty WW2 standard plus edition

You totally need the latest game, right? It is one of the best entries in years, and any COD fan should surely be totally up to date. It’s not exactly cheap anywhere just yet (although is part of some excellent PS4 bundles and Xbox One bundles), but it remains the most essential piece of kit you can own. This Standard Plus edition comes with bonus in-game content, but it’s the same price as any other version, so a slight bargain.

Buy it US: $59.88 from Amazon

Buy it UK: £47.99 from Amazon

Call of Duty WW2 season pass

And obviously if you own COD WW2 you’re going to need the season pass for all that sweet zombie and multiplayer stuff coming in 2018. Most places will charge you full price for it, but CD Keys have the PS4 version for £35.99 in the UK, which will save you a bit of cash. Worth noting that this site often has money-off promotions, which may see you knock another £2-3 off the cost.

Buy it UK: £35.99 from CD Keys

Call of Duty Captain Price Funko Pop

The most iconic of all Call of Duty characters is - of course - available as a Funko Pop. And who wouldn’t want a mini, cute Captain Price on their mantlepiece, scanning for targets with his massive, cartoonish eyes? Price’s moustache translates well to figurine format too, and looks as lustrous as ever. At $8 he’s a real snatch. You can grab a figure of Ghost to keep him company and - if you don’t mind having merch from one of the weakest games - you can even get a Pop of Riley the attack dog too. He is the very goodest of boys.

Buy it US: $13.95 from Pop In A Box 

Buy it UK: £10.27 from Amazon

Call of Duty WW2 Valor Edition

Are you the Call of Duty fan who has to have EVERYTHING? You need all the merch, all the figurines, all the clothes? Everything? Then this Valor Edition is for you. It contains a COD WW2 statue, some exclusive in-game Division patches, a Zombies pin, and a poster. Wait - did we forget to say it includes the game? No, we didn’t. The Valor Edition does not include the actual game. Just a very fancy statue and some very exclusive extras. Be brave, give it a try.

Buy it UK: £89.99 from Amazon

Call of Duty WW2 Deployment Kit Edition

Wait! You’re based in the US and have loads of money to spend on a box full of COD merch that doesn’t actually include a copy of the game! Don’t worry, my friend, we’ve got you covered. The Deployment Kit Edition comes with a COD WW2 branded flashlight and canteen, a dogtag, a couple of posters, a journal book, and a visual encyclopedia. That’s a lot of COD loot right there. Just don’t expect a copy of the actual game.

Buy it US: $94.15 from Amazon 

Buy it UK: £71.77 from Amazon

FPS Freek Call of Duty thumbsticks

Be better at Call of Duty WW2. Seriously, get an edge over the competition with these thumbstick covers. These special COD-themed controller additions feature raised surfaces for greater control, and a concave grip to give your thumbs extra comfort during longer play sessions. There are different versions for PS4 and Xbox One, both come with exclusive calling cards for the game.

Buy it US (PS4): $19.99 from Amazon

Buy it UK (PS4): £19.99 from Amazon

Buy it US (Xbox One): $19.99 from Amazon

Buy it UK (Xbox One): £19.99 from Amazon

Call of Duty personalised hoodie

Winter is here, and the long, cold nights are drawing in. You’ll need to stay warm. However, you’ll also need to let people know how much you love COD, which is where this hoodie comes into play. If you’re getting the US version, it comes with an amazing Special Combat Air Recon logo on the back. If you’re buying in the UK you can even get your PSN or XBL tag printed on the sleeve or front of the hoodie. 

Buy it US: $19.02 from Amazon

Buy it UK:  £19.99 from Amazon

Call of Duty WW2 t-shirt in various colors

The simplest of all COD clothing is the t-shirt. Here’s a neat, tasteful tee with the logo on the front, available in 100% comfy cotton. The US version has a trio of soldiers on the front too, and both are available in different colours. There’s not much else to say about it - it’s a t-shirt, and it’d make a great gift for anyone looking to show their love for the latest game.

Buy it US: $19.99 from Amazon 

Buy it UK: £10.99 from Amazon

Call of Duty messenger bag

So, you’ve bought loads of COD loot (not simply found it in crates), and you need something to carry it around in. Along with all your other life essentials like food, laptops, notebooks, headphones and all that jazz. These messenger bags will do the job perfectly well, and they’re available in a number of sweet designs - the best of which is from COD Ghosts. Sure, its the weakest of the games, but the branding is sweet.

Buy it US: $40.99 from Amazon

Buy it UK: £26.99 from Amazon

Call of Duty WW2 Cable guy device holder

Having stuff scattered around your living room can get messy, and everything becomes a treading or a tripping hazard. What you need is some kind of miniature hero to hold onto some of your tech. That’s where this collectable version of Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels comes in. He can hold your PS4 or Xbox One controller, a smartphone, some cables, or even a very, very small dog. That means less chance of stepping on it when you finish playing or head to the toilet mid-game. Recruit this handy little soldier now!

Buy it US: $24.95 from Amazon

Buy it UK: £19.99 from Amazon

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